Bee Keeper Journal

I made a tiny beekeeper book for the recent happy mail swap. My partner had bees as a theme so it just seemed like the thing to do!

I found the printables on etsy. If I was more of a graphic designer I think it would be pretty simple to make my own printables. The graphics were all in rows and had instructions on how to cut out, glue, and fold to make a cute little book.


I love this little book so much

So sweet!

Love this! I think I have this kit too. Yours turned out so pretty.

I distressed the edges of the book cover with brown ink from a stamp pad. I think it helped make it look “finished”

How big is it? I love it. Which store did you get it from?

It’s 1.75”x1.12”

Here’s the link. I printed the covers (she gives you multiple to choose from) on thicker paper and the inside pages on printer paper. You do glue parts together to the pages end up being 2 thicknesses of printer paper.


Thank you! That might work for my little felt creatures!

I love this. I’m a huge fan of bees.
Now I’m making a project out of creating a garden journal to use next year.


That looks so pretty

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This is so pretty! What a lovely gift! :honeybee: