Happy Mail Swap Gallery

Gallery for the Happy Mail Swap.

Bunny1kenobi :mailbox: :gift: <β€”> kittykill :mailbox: :gift:
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bluebird :mailbox: :gift: <β€”> susieoregon :mailbox: :gift:


I can’t wait to see the goodies in the gallery!

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I always love the anticipation of seeing the goodies in the swap galleries!

The gallery is the best part!! :blush:


Hooray! I received happy mail today from @susieoregon! :slight_smile:

First, here is the pretty decorated envie with little wee birdies and birdie poem:

She made me some pretty potted plant stakes in lovely colors, a pretty black eye susan bookmark (this flower is one she pressed from her own garden!), a crocheted rose and crochet cherry blossom magnet set, some sweet floral watercolor postcards (my favorite is the top one with the wee ladybug) and a pretty pressed flower poetry card (the poem is on the back of the card). :slight_smile:

back of the poetry card:


back of postcard:

Everything is lovely, thank you so much, @susieoregon! I enjoyed swapping with you! :blush:


What a happy floral package! All that prettiness makes me smile, especially the sweet crochet motifs :cherry_blossom:

Well that is just lovely! I really like that top postcard. And those plant stakes! I do not even have indoor plants (20 pound cat) and I still want them! :wink:

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The postcards are lovely…and I also love those plant jewelry sticks! What a clever idea to add some bling to the pots!

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Thank you @bluebird! I’m glad you liked it. It was really fun making for you.

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Such pretty flowers! Great way to start the gallery.

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What a fun package! I love the watercolors especially.

I love the pressed flowers poetry card :smiley:

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I like the floral theme! Those potted plant stakes are so pretty.

I received from @Bunny1kenobi! She knows how much I love the beach so she sent me on a mini vacation.

The envelope:

The goodies!
Look at these miniatures! I love them and can’t wait to use them in a little diorama or dollhouse.

A beautiful card. I love birds. I may have to frame this.

All the goodies together. A little notebook, a magnet pad and recipe cards.

Pretty earrings that are interchangeable!

These cards! Totally me!

She also sent address labels, which I totally needed.

Thank you so much! Everything is lots of fun!


I’m glad you like your goodies, @kittykill!

What a fun beach themed package! :slight_smile: :beach_umbrella: The little miniatures are my favorite item! :slight_smile: so cute!

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Oooh, gorgeous goodies!! :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella:

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Those cards are great!

Nice package @Bunny1kenobi

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Two fun packages to start things off! I really love the floral postcards, and those miniatures are so sweet! Cool idea to make interchangable earrings, too!

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Thanks guys!