Bee watercolour

I decided to join up with the local art group in my new town, and they run an art exhibition and competition in conjunction with the Cherry Festival, happening this weekend.

I didn’t have a lot of time, but I thought I would join in, and painted a couple of small things. This bee was partly inspired by Edel’s fabulous smelly bee painting. It’s watercolour with a bit of metallic copper.

Someone bought it, so that was pretty exciting :smile:


It is gorgeous, I love the furry texture.


This is so pretty! I can see why someone snapped it up!

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This turned out lovely!

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Love your lively, coppery bee! The Cherry Festival sounds like a fun event. It’s cool that you are making new connections to the art community there. Congrats on the sale of the bee, too!


I’m a little bit in love with this little bee!

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Beautiful! The fuzz factor is just too cool. Love that you are exploring the art scene in your new home!

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This is so bee-lightful!

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Congratulations on the sale! Its lovely and I might have snapped this up myself if Id attended.

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The textures you achieved!.. this is lovely.

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Thanks everybody!! :yellow_heart: :honeybee:

It’s bee-utiful! I definitely would have snatched it up, too!

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:bee: :art: :yellow_heart: Congratulations! Your beautiful Bee Watercolor is a featured project this week! :yellow_heart: :art: :bee:

Thank you!!! :grinning: :honeybee: