Bees have smelly feet

In college last week once of my fellow students made a comment that bees have smelly feet. They apparently leave a scent trail on flowers, so that the next bee who comes along doesn’t waste her time on that flower.

The phrase got stuck in my head. And then I went down the rabbit hole of scratch and sniff kids books.

So I painted a bee and made some scratch and sniff ‘paint’ for her feet. It’s not exactly scratch and sniff, as that’s complex chemistry. But I mixed essential oil of lavender into embossing powder and bonded it to the paper, so the smell lingers. And it smells great. I don’t know what a bee’s feet actually smells like, but they do love lavender flowers.


I do not need to start making scratch and sniff stuff. I do not need to start making scratch and sniff stuff. . .


I must tell my dad about this painting! He is a beekeeper for decades & knows all of the trivia about bees. I think this would thrill him.
Nice work, and so very creative!


What a wonderful, creative idea! I love your painted bee. And wish I could smell her feet.


Your painting is bee-eautiful. Well, it’s straight up beautiful, actually. And I LOVE the innovation of stinking up its feetsies!


This is gorgeous! and so clever!

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There’s a theory about bees and the “dances” they do to lead their pals, and I met a woman who was writing her thesis about this in correlation to the movements kids make when they are painting. I read her research and watched her videos and in the end I didn’t agree with her but it was an interesting idea.


Where else can we all find the oddest of information? :joy:

I wish we had smellernet…the bee is a lovely piece of work for the eyes…and in real life, I, imagine the nose as well…


The painting is wonderful even without the sniff factor which is soo cool. Love the blurry surroundings. Feels like movement.

This bee is amazing. So textured and looks sentient.

(That wasn’t even meant to be a pun on scented, but let’s pretend I’m that clever. The bee really looks like it is looking at the viewer.)


Your painting is beautiful! I didn’t know that about bees, but it sounds just like them. Work smarter, not harder.

I love her wings and her eyes and her little furry body. Well done!

Beautiful! Such a clever idea, too!

This is lovely

You are that clever!



I love everything about this project! A great story, a beautiful little bee and inspiration to add a new medium. <3

:jack_o_lantern: :spider_web: :vampire: Congratulations! This ghoul-tastic project is featured this week! :vampire: :spider_web: :jack_o_lantern:

Very cool, thank you :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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Absolutely bee-utiful! Stunning work!

That is a great painting. And it’s so true… I have two lavender bushes and when they are in bloom they are always covered in bees. :heart: