Big Faux Postage Stamps Embellishments

I love postal/airmail imagery and these days in the US the Postal Service in at front of mind, so I decided to finally sit down and make some postage stamp-inspired embellishments.


I have two nesting sets of dies for my Sizzix Big Shot that cut postage stamp-like edges, either squares or rectangles of several sizes and a few sets of postal/travel themed clear acrylic stamps.

I used some embellishments/bling on a few, too.

Several ended up decorating the fronts of some card blanks from my stash.


Most of the main images on the stamps came from collage sheets gifted to me by a couple of dear Lettuce Heads! When there weren’t quite the right dimensions to fit the die cuts I dug through my paper stash to find a coordinating look and cut it with my guillotine to fit.


I ended up cutting these two backing papers too small for what I indended, so I have a couple extra waiting for next time.


I have vague plans for some of these, but the rest… who knows? Maybe I’ve just shifted my stash from one category to another! :grimacing:


Great idea :smiley:

These are fabulous! My favorites are the robin and the apples stamps. :slight_smile:

I love faux postage too. :blue_heart: Making faux postage has been on my crafty to do list for a while. I hope when I do they turn out as nice as yours did. :blush:

Thanks, y’all!

Whaaat?! I didn’t even know this was a thing. And I am so glad that it is. :+1: I love the images and rubber stamps you chose, especially the simple squirrel mixed in with the more elaborate designs.
Now the question, as always, is do I add these to my wishlist, or to my project list?

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These have such a polished and classy look to them.

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Oh wow! I really dig these! They are so pretty and what a great idea.

Exactly my sentiments!! I need to cut some big stamp things like this but I have to admit I love how yours turned out…!

Thanks so much friends!

Well, I think ya’ gotta make some! There are fun and satisfying, but not at all quick - at least not for me.

These are really pretty! I love mail images and stamps :heart:

These are lovely! Great stash busting my friend.

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Thanks, pals!

This is a fun idea I would never have thought of doing. The maypole one is my favorite. Where did you get the clear stamps?

Thanks! That May pole image is really special, isn’t it?

I got some of the stamps from an Etsy shop (I can look up my order history if you’re interested) and a couple are from one of the big craft stores.

Yes, I would be interested in those stamps, if it’s no trouble. I have fake postmark stamps for Halloween and Christmas. It would be fun to have everyday ones since I send out happy mail to my grandmas quite a bit.

No trouble! They have lots of cool stamps! comes from Singapore, but was quick at the time. They do have a Covid statement about things taking longer and I don’t know what the current restrictions with things coming from Singapore are. Can’t wait to see what you make!