Bird and Masterboard Bottlecap Necklaces and more!

I have a whole bunch of bottlecaps I’d purchased for a project a while back and decided to make a bunch of sets of (probably magnets) using some of my bird pictures.


Then, I decided to make some into necklaces.

I also used a picture of the supermoon from a few nights ago.

I thought to myself that masterboards would look cool in these!


I did not make the masterboards I used for these. I believe either @reinikka or @magpie did.

I went, wow, these would also be cool as necklaces, so here are the rest:

I do not currently have enough chains for each necklace which is why some are shown without chains. I need to see if I can pickup some magnets soon for the none-necklace ones.

Thanks for looking!


What a cool way to use your photos! And a great way to use small bits of masterboard, too!

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The masterboard bottle cap ones are really pretty. Amazingly done!

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What a clever idea…and so versatile!

What kind of paint did you use on the bottlecaps? I love how shiny they are…the look almost enameled!

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Thanks everyone!

I didn’t have to paint them. I bought a set of colored caps.

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Those are really pretty!

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Ooo…what an awesome and unique use for masterboards! The moon ones are particularly cool.

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What great use of the bottle caps! Amazing

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I like how the bottle caps frame the bird pics! Great idea to use the moon photographs. Is the finish glittery?

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I like the bird ones best. The cardinals at the bottom are very nice.

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No, it’sa sticker that comes with the bottlecap kit. I like how cool the moon looks, too.

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