Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees....Summertime Site Wide Challenge 6/2-6/30/2020

Can I enter my house? It’s our summer project :smiley:


@Cindy - Me too, our porch is our summer project. Any anyone what to come put up siding or trim or crawl under the porch to add joist tie-downs?

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If I had any idea how to do that, without doing more harm than good, I would TOTALLY take you up on that over the July 4th weekend! These kinds of things I would love to learn.

Meanwhile, I just finished one component of my entry and am about to attach it to component #2.

oh I do love a challenge!

I have finished my entry, so I’m ready to share when the new post is open :relaxed:


Today is the last day before entries are due!

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Scrambling to edit the photos of my project, which has been done for a WEEK! The end of this month has got me under a crunch. LOL

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I have a whole bunch of ____ that I made that I can’t wait to share for this challenge!

I dropped all my pics to my computer of the “projects” I have been working on here. OMG so happy they are done!!! Can’t wait to share it all

Where should we upload our photos to @kittykill?

Hey gang! I will be making a separate post for entries. I just need to feed the dogs and get dressed then I will post the link for entries. :blush:


The link is up for entries:

I can’t wait to see what everyone has created!


Tomorrow is the last day for entries!

Time to vote!

We have a tie! Congrats to both @Bugaboo and @PrincessP!

Thanks to everyone who entered! You guys rock!


Congratulations to the winners! :clap:



Congratulations @Bugaboo :raised_hands: Thank you everyone! :hugs:

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Congrats @PrincessP and thank you all as well!

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