Birthday card for my 14-year-old--where does the time go?

My oldest is turning 14 today. How??? I still don’t feel mature enough to be the mother of a teenager… (but don’t tell her that, lol)

I made her a card with alcohol markers and stickers. Some stickers are from The Happy Planner and some are from a book of stickers we got a long time ago, but the book has long been done and we just had a few stickers left… so I can’t remember the brand.

I added the emojis on my phone to hide her name.

Of course, I added a handwritten note inside. In cursive, because my homeschooled kids still learn the ancient arts :joy:


What an awesome way to make your not quite adult, but not a kid anymore feel special on her day!

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Your lettering is so pretty. I hope your daughter had the most special day!

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I had a conversation years ago about how unfair it is that there’s no magic switch you can flip and suddenly be an actual grown-up, and it continues to be relevant to life in general.

Congrats to your kid, & lovely card. :green_heart:


It’s these handmade touches that make a person feel special!

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I like how you did the border on the front and the sentiments inside the card are great little added touches!

My son isn’t a teenager, but I still feel the same way! If I hear of someone my age in the news or wherever, my brain automatically associates that person as a grown adult, but to think of myself as a fully certified adult? It just blows my mind sometimes!

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I love that you teach your kids the “ancient arts!”

She will love it. Handmade cards are just so much more special.

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Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

Here’s an anecdote to illustrate the whole “I’m an adult now??” situation.

Years ago, when my kiddos were about 6, 4, and 2, we were all at the homeschool co-op. Before classes got started, some people would gather in the gym. I was there, watching my kids, when one of the teens came up to me and asked me if she could do something. I can’t even remember what the thing she wanted was, but I do remember my reaction.

I thought… “why is she asking me, of all people??? Why would I be the person to giver her permission?”

Then I looked around the gym and realized… I was the adult in the room. It was a shocking realization.

You bet I added this anecdote to the introduction of my first “How to Adult” book, lol.

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