Black Cats & Witches & Ghosts, Oh My! - So Many Halloween Cards


I went a little batty acquiring Halloween dies over the last two years and decided to hunker down and make a batload of cards! The first batch are all used the dotty background die that came out with this year from Tim Holtz. They all hove one component on a spring.

The second batch all have a little dimension with either foam dots under elements, folding, or embossing folders.

The third batch has fewer commonalities across the three. Some springs, some googly eyes, some tags, some sewing. I frequently intend to so some sewing on paper crafts and have even set aside all my vintage threads for this purpose, but usually forget to do it. D’oh!


I did a fourth batch using postage stamp embellishments that I shared in that post, as well. I made a couple more cards with those embellishments, but got them sealed into their envelopes before getting pics.

After I had made these I got interested in penny slider style cards, ordered dies, and then went on a road trip. WHen I returned, I was able to play! Sadly, I forgot to take pics of the first two I made: a ghost that went back and forth across the card as you tilted it and a skull wearing a hat and tie that rotated as it moved across the card. I did remember pics for these two, more complex cards where an eyeball rolls out of the tipped over jar, though!


Except some of the solid oranges, every bit of paper came from stash! Most of the dies are new as is one of the sentiment stamps - not shown. I did get a new stamp set that is more mutli-purpose and used a couple of them subtly in a few spots just for fun.

:grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Sorry, I would have posted sooner, but went down the penny slider rabbithole. How can I incorporate that in something?

The cards are cool! So much variety!

Are those the wiggle eyes that the dog ate? :joy:. I think of that story every time I see googly eyes.

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Those eyeball cards are extraordinary! They are all cool. But those stand out!

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You know I love a craft that has a kinetic aspect. So I’m loving the springs and penny sliders, etc. Nice work!

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Love your cards - they are so fun!

Wow! I love them all. So fun! And interactive?! Cool!

Thanks so much, everyone!

they are all great, but the eyeball cards are amazing!
I never saw one like that!

These are all so fun but the eyeballs are :eyes: !!

Thank you!

What fun little labors of love! The first ones with the dotty background are my favorite. I love the springy detail!

Thanks! It was fun to work with different Halloween styles: cute, vintage, creepy, etc. And I just LOVE that dotty die set!

You have been busy! Love the first set…but, like many, the eyeballs are fun and creepy and a favorite

Thank you! There’s just something about eyeballs rolling about, right?

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The rolling eyeballs are genius.

OMGosh the eyeballs!!

The others are awesome as well, but THE EYEBALLS!!! :star_struck::star_struck:

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Thanks, pals! Those roll-y po-ly eyeballs!