Big Batch of Halloween-themed Faux Postage Stamp Embellishments

I got to spend a few hours digging into my Halloween paper stash to make several faux postage stamp embellishments - one of my faves to make!

Sizzix dies and fussy cutting. The following 4 pet-themed ones have already been made into cards. Delia will send them to a few of her special folks.

I still need to add a piece of blank paper to the inside that I will stamp with a “Happy Halloween” sentiment.



You were so productive! All adorable; I find the orange spider web one especially visually appealing. Some cute phrases, too.

Thank you! It was fun to pick out some of the “journal cards” so often included with these pads to make onto something.


These are great! I love the pet cards - ‘Tricks for Treats’!

Aw, thanks! That pet Halloween pad they came from is really cute.

These are so festive for the season! I’m a bit bummed USPS didn’t come out with a new Halloween stamp this year. Any of yours would be a winner!

Thank you SO MUCH! So far, most of the cards I’ve made for this Halloween will require the hand-cancel stamp, so I’ve been wishing they’d have a Halloween one!

I’ve been known to use the old Celebrate stamp that was black with neon lettering. It was versatile. I’ll probably use the Dia de los Muertos stamps, although the Life Magnified ones might be interesting.

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These are all so dang cute!

Thank you!

Lately I keep going back to the skateboard stamps - the color combinations just tickle me.


These are sweet, and I love that Delia sends out cards. My cats send Christmas cards and my black cats send out cards on Black Cat appreciation day to other black cats of my friends/family.


Great paper combinations! How big are these and how did you manage to have so many papers just the right size? That trick or treating one is my fave!

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Thanks, y’all!

@gozer Delia also sends thank you notes for gifts and to dogsitters!

@AudiobookLover The small squares are about 2 7/8" outside, the large square about 3 5/8".
The rectangles are about 4 1/2 x 5 1/2". I had to cut backgrounds for all of them to cover the dashed lines that are part of the die - in some cases the “prices” on the stamps are cut into the top paper and show the backing paper beneath. Some of the prices are the cutouts from doing that!


These are so awesome! I especially love that all the stamps say 31 or 13 on them. The cards are really nice, too!

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These are great! I especially like the stamps.

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Awww, thanks so much!