Bomberjack and a course

Hi all!
As a teenager I have always swooned over bomberjackets, so when I read about this online course sewing your own, I HAD to try it.
Never heard of domestika before, but it offers all sorts of online craft courses. I bought the “sew your own bomberjacket” course and had so much fun! I don’t really need a course, but it came along with the digital pattern and it costs the same as a sewing magazine, in my opinion a good buy.
Link to the author of the course and the pattern:

I bought my fabrics, zipper, thread and so in a cheap fabric hall, spent about €20 which is not too bad.

Tutorial was easy to follow. Here is the jacket

Although I love the poppies and the colours, the red doesn’t compliment me (hope that is the right sentence]

Anyway, I love the jacket and made another but I didn’t take pics of that yet.

Thanks for watching :orange_heart:

Here is the second one I sewed

I decided to change the pockets. Originally the pockets are in the side seam, but for this jacket I made double welt pockets.

The lining is a soft fabric, a sort of caramel colour.

With the metal zipper and the welt pockets it makes a whole different style of bomber jacket, right?

The pattern asks for cuff fabric, but I coukdn’t find agood match. I used stretch fabric and it is okat but not the best option.

Anyway, better colours fo me and I love the welt pochets :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s cute and I love the lining colour.


That jacket looks great! Well done!


Super cute jacket and I love the green you chose. (The sentence was perfect!)


Wow! Super impressive sewing! I’m sorry you didn’t like the colors on you, but hopefully this found a happy wearer. Excited to see your 2nd version that hopefully compliments you better!


Wow! The jacket is so cool. Its neat to see a bomberjacket in such a fun fabric. I hope it found a good home, and would love to see your second one!
And i lovevthe green lining with the poppy’s. Fun choice.

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Thanks all! :orange_heart:
I haven’t found a new owner yet, I am somewhat petit. In summertime I will wear it, maybe with a sun tanned skin it looks better.

The poppy fabric has a hint of green of the stems and Iike that pop of colour too.

The other jacket is completely different. Added double welt pockets, just for fun but the sleeves need some shortening. I don’t like the sleeves halfway my hands. After sewing that, I will take pictures.

I am planning another jacket, with some sort of embellishment on the back. I own a silhouette cameo, so maybe a vinyl text/print. Not sure yet about it.


Aah, thank you. Not always sure :wink:

This poppies jacket is so cool! The scale of the print is perfect for it and the strong colors really make it striking. I hope you’ll share the other one you’re working on, too!

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Thanks! I will do so, it is so surprisingly different. Same pattern :wink:

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Gorgeous jacket, love those poppies, but I can’t wear red, either.


I didn’t really think about that detail when I bought the fabric, haha. I got so excited by the poppies and the green, the red zipper, …. Had it all in my mind, except the NO RED FOR ME detail :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Wendie!!! This is stunning!! What a cool jacket!!!

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This is such a beautiful jacket, made all the more so by the fact that it’s handmade! You did such a great job coordinating all the fabrics and threads.

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Aww, thanks ladies!
I was so thrilled that it turned out the way I had planned. :smiley:

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:heart: :thread: :scissors: Congratulations! Your beautiful Bomber Jacket is a Featured Project this week! :scissors: :thread: :heart:

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Woohooo!! How great ! Thanks :orange_heart:

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this!!!

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Aww, thank you :orange_heart:

It’s gorgeous! I love the poppy fabric and all of the other bits.

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