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Post your lovely bookmarks here!


I recd from @Bunny1kenobi
My fairytale theme. What a beautiful dragon eye. The colors and lines are perfect.
She says she was inspired by a tattoo she saw. It’s looks so freaking cool! And the hand lettering is absolutely amazing. I NEED to know how and where I can learn to do this. It’s perfect! Really makes me want to read a book about dragons.

Thank you bunny and thank you for hosting. :hugs:


I’m glad you like it! And YOU are asking ME about lettering?!??!! :exploding_head: Somebody grab the smelling salts! I’m so flattered I don’t even know what to do with myself…


That is very cool! Love that eye!

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I received two awesome bookmarks from @curiousfae! :smiley:

Watercolor galaxy:

(colors are brighter in real life)

Watercolor name:

(colors are brighter in real life)

Thank you so much! These are great! I’m always so impressed by watercolor. :slight_smile:


@curiousfae did some amazing bookmarks there!

She sent some to me, as well! Wow!

This wolf, based on Little Red Riding Hood, one of my all-time faves! And it 's very large- I won’t lose it, for sure!

Also, my name, done beautifully!

Thank you so much, I love them both!


WOW! this is gorgeous! and I agree about the lettering AND the quote is SO COOL!
@Bunny1kenobi – this is lovely
(P.S. One of my discarded attempts at a bookmark for curiousfae was a sketch of a dragon & it didn’ – but this gives me hope that I could possibly draw the eye, at least!)

and here is the wonderful pkg sent to me by @curiousfae !
(oops, need to get to my phone to upload the photo)
thank you SO MUCH!! they are both fabulous! And the note card you used is beautiful!


I received from both @curiousfae and from @Bunny1kenobi

Curiousfae sent me two - one with a gorgeous little fairy toadstool house and one with my name. I love them both so much! You are such a wizzard when it comes to watercolor. You’ll have to teach me some of your secrets. :slight_smile:

And from the ever so clever Bunny1, I received this bookmark from my undercover fandom board on my pinterest. It’s from the show Warehouse 13 where they capture dangerous magical artifacts and use purple gloves to shield themselves. Endless wonder is the phrase they use to invite new agents and also a great symbol for books. I love your lettering!


Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!

That mushroom house is the coolest.

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I rec’d from @Juju but it’s late here & i’m too tired to fiddle with my phone to get a pic uploaded…stay tuned tomorrow!


I received from @Bunny1kenobi , this sweet Little Nemo bookmark! I am vaguely familiar with Little Nemo’s Adventures in Slumberland, but the bunny riding a pig makes me think I need to know more. :heart: Thank you!


Yay, it made it! I’m glad you like it! As soon as I read “vintage comics” in your q, Little Nemo sprang to mind. It’s from the early 1900s, so VERY vintage! :smile:

So cute!
And intriguing!
Very nice, @Bunny1kenobi !

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Adding my photo of the sweet bookmark @Juju sent to me…. Thanks so much! She used my themes of positive affirmations as well as honeybees. I need this reminder often, so thanks again!


I like the bees! Pretty!

I received from @Juju !!

She made an amazing rune bookmark.





The rune bookmark is cool. Really neat idea!