Box of Butterflies Box Card

This is the second time I’ve made this card - this time for my mom’s birthday and with different papers.

All the butterfly papers (minus the black) are iridescent, metallic, or pearlescent.

The panel on the back is a pearlescent white, too.

The obligatory folded-flat-to-fit-into-the-envelope shot!

I did a butterfly theme for wrapping her gifts, too!


Oh my, that is absolutely gorgeous, just beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

It is so beautiful!

Thanks, friends!


So pretty! I would display that all year

Oh wow, that’s so cool and beautiful!

Aww, thanks, y’all!

Box cards are magical and yours is super!

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Love the butterflies erupting from the envelope!

Thanks, friends!

Wow! Beautiful!

Oooh, so pretty!

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THANKS, y’all!

that is so pretty.