Butterfly Box Box Card

The files for this card were recently available for free so I snapped it up! It went off to a pal for her birthday next week.

The decorative panels and the envelope also have butterflies!


My traditional flattening to fit into the the envelope shot!

This one had some extra levels going which were time consuming, but fun and satisfying. All papers were from stash except the tan base which arrived the day before. So, like, it’s stash now. :wink:


Ohh, OHhh, OOOHHHHH! This is super spiffy, I love it so much!

Wooooah! This thing is crazy! So beautiful. I’m sure your friend will be ecstatic!

Thanks, friends!

What a beautiful swarm of butterflies! Nice score on the free files.

This is beautiful!

You make the most amazing cards!!!

Awww, thank you, friends!

That’s sooo cool! It’s like an explosion of color and movement in one card.

How amazing that 2D paper can create such a fun card! So coool!

Opening your cards are like opening a secret tunnel or something…it is hard to imagine all that fits into an envelope…

I know I would probably never be able to close back up the one I got…they are amazing cards and you are an amazing friend!

Thanks y’all!

@AIMR they’re usually quite simple to flatten and unflatten! Some have a few extra dimensional details, but they’re all pretty much just like this.




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Congrats! Your Butterfly Box Card is one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!

What!? YOU’RE awesome!

Oh, this is gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job making it and I think you picked the perfect papers!

Well, thank you!