Box of Summer Gallery

Post your summery delights here!


I received from @Kwality570!!! Look at this fabulous!!! So sunny and bright!!! The bowl is now on my office and I am going to hang up the sun outside. The scrubbies are so great!! Thank you so much! I love everything.



Amazing package! The sun is adorable but that bowl! :heart_eyes: talk about having grabby hands!


Wow! That is a true sunshine package! I love everything!!!


I got my box of summer from @kittykill! I love it all. Thank you!

Fun Coasters

Neat Necklace

Lovely Bracelets

Pretty Artwork - already found it’s home on our wall

My absolute favorite - the embroidery is perfection.

Dried flowers (so lovely) and a really fun garland


Those coasters!!! :heart: And that bag is so you!

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That bag is great and I just love the happy summer flowers in the shadow box…is made from papers?

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Yeah! I’m so glad you like everything. I had fun trying new crafts and embroider for you.

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@kittykill Those bracelets are fab! How did you make them?

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Yes the artwork is paper; it is really cool!.


The fabric bowl and that embroidery are divine!

I got a wonderful summery box of surprises from @mel!
Along with a plethora of goodies to make yummy frozen and fruity treats, lookit all of these fabulous hand-knits she made!

Included were a gorgeous handkerchief, a beautiful kitchen towel (which might be my favorite!), some trivets (or scrubbies?) as well as a few recipes, some pineapple popsicle molds (“tropic like it’s hot” :laughing: ), a juicer, a little clutch with cute buttons and gummies and chocolate which barely made it to the photo.

Ford approves of the kerchief too! Mel was worried it wasn’t bright enough but I love the earthy yellow!

Thanks for a great swap, partner!


yay!! ford looks so distinguished!! and i am def glad you like that yellow!!

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Your knitting is beautiful…

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:blush: thank you!!

Thanks, everyone, for an awesome swap!

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