Box of Whimsies/ Miniature gallery

Show off your tiny goodness here!!!


Can’t wait to see all the whimsies!

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I should take pictures.
Of all this stuff…


Wowza, that is quite a stash!!!

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That’s ‘just’ the small stuff.
And it doesn’t even include my tens of thousands of buttons.

On top of these cupboards is about half of my buttons stash:

(Sorry, not a good picture.)

Perhaps I should take a day or two or three sometime to take a picture of the contents of every single box, LOL.


Your whimsies are wonderful!

Did you take a picture or a scan?

I can’t even imagine finding anything…but it is so organized, I am sure you know where everything is…and the buttons…wow…

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My eyes just bugged right out of my head… wow!

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Oh this was a pic I found online. I do have some similar stuff but these particular whimsies don’t belong to me.

Ah, okay, I thought they were yours.

Yep, my stuff is all organized. I know what I have and where to find it.

Off topic (not whimsies/miniatures).

This is the rest of my upstairs ‘Crafting Materials Warehouse’ also known as my ‘Room of Requirements’ also known as my ‘Room of Possibilities’.

Pictures are from before I added the sorting boxes with small materials on that platform in the middle. There’s storage under that platform too. In the meantime I even added another row of boxes on top of the top ones. My warehouse is FULL.
And I’m hardly even crafting at the moment. Instead I’m busy with my Blog and creative writing.

And the cupboards in my studio downstairs, that you saw on the ‘buttons picture’, are all stuffed with crafting materials too.

And then there’s my ‘Inner Court’, my little home within our home, where I spend most of my time, with my computer desk and a couch and coffee table, and lots of shelves with mainly finished products and crafting magazines.

What can I say? I’m a very organized hoarder.


That * thunk * you just heard all the way from the US to Belgium, was my jaw hitting the floor.



I wish shipping wasn’t so expensive and I could gift more of this stuff to my LC friends!
I seriously know nobody around here who would be at all interested in it.
Not that I want to get rid of all of it, but I clearly have more than I can ever use.


lol I am thinking that I don’t really need to bring a lot of clothes when I go to Europe to visit any of you…an empty suitcase there might not be so empty going back home! ha ha ha


critter critter_LRG

This is not my work.
I collect inspiration images and thought this was a wonderful example of making use of miniature treasures. When I saw this thread I immediately thought of this necklace.


Just gorgeous!


That’s gorgeous!

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I received an AMAZING package from @MissingWillow

First the box! Its a miniature tea set up…so adorable!

Then she made an antique sewing machine replica complete with supplies! They don’t even all fit in and are TINY!!! So adorable

Then a miniature Frida pot like the one in my avatar and similar I have posted
she’s adorable!!!

No year anymore is complete without this!

Then oodles and oodles of items! The more you look the more you find!
![IMG_1009|375x500, 50%] (upload://qETkoi1SAP4ep8HHAmQv6iSthQJ.jpeg)

I’m probably going to be digging through for hours examining it all! Thank you so much @MissingWillow