Boy T-shirt

When my son turned 3 we designed the first t-shirt together. You can find it here.

It has since then become a tradition for the two of us. He can give me all the details he wants and I make the shirt. He turned 11 today and it’s still important to him that we stick to this agreement.

This year‘s theme was prime numbers. He wanted a large 11 on his chest and several other prime numbers around it.

Here’s what I came up with:


First off, your son is awesome! Secondly, that shirt is so cool! A prime numbers shirt is a math teacher’s dream! Third, that tradition rocks!


Fabulous tradition and how cool that your son designed this shirt!

This is the coolest tradition. I love how his design has grown with him. :slight_smile:

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Great tradition and awesome t-shirt!
It looks great on him!

Thank you!

@Lynx I’m so happy he turns into a science geek

@Abbeeroad It’s extremely fun to craft with him. Maybe I should teach him to use the serger. That could take the next t-shirt project to a new level.


What a cool shirt and tradition!! I hope it’s important to him for a long time.

What an awesome tradition! And this is the PRIME EXAMPLE! :joy: :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face:

Eleven is my favorite number, so this is particularly cool to me.


Massively cool!

You, your son, and that shirt all rock!

I especially like the way you placed the stripes.

As a teacher, I wholeheartedly approve of the prime numbers. I love that you collab on these, too! Fabulous!


that is freaking amazing!!!

I love that you’ve kept up that tradition - and I love this particular shirt!

This is way cool!

@Cindy I also hope that we keep up doing that for several more years. He’s a pretty creative kid and it’s really fun to craft with him.

@Wulf it’s my favorite t-shirt pattern with this sleeve and yoke construction. I’ve made it in so many different sizes. You can find it here.


Such a cool tradition to share with your kiddo. Love it so much!

That’s a pretty fun tradition! And it’s great that he is still wanting it!