Bring Back (a little) Macrame! Art 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry

One of the first crafts I took up when I was in college was macrame. I made owls and plant hangers for everyone ! I had jute, beads, rings and even branched out into making jewelry for my hippie friends. Somewhere through the years, the craft became outdated.

After seeing all of the wonderful miniatures in this challenge, I decided it was time to bring back this craft…well, just a little… :wink:

I started out by looking through some of my booklets from the '70’s for inspiration and to refresh my knot tying skills…

I decided to make a plant hanger. I took the cord measurements and basically divided by 6…so if it said to cut cords 6 yards, I cut mine 1 yard…I decided a jewelry jump ring would make a great hanging ring…boy are they small!

I had some tiny beads but getting the cord through them was a challenge. I searched through what I had and found this tool that fixes pulled yarn in clothing! It worked perfectly!

The knots I used were square knot, half hitch, alternating square, and basic wrap. Believe me, I had to use my reading glasses to do this project!

Here is is finished! It is about 5 inches but it is in scale.

Of course, can’t have a plant hanger without a plant, so I ended up following a tutorial on YouTube (that I got from somewhere here!) and made a spider plant. I had a little pot in my stash that fit perfectly! Here it is getting a bit of sun! ha

To show scale, I made my I Dream of Jeannie doll model it. BTW, I got the doll from @Drtonguestoys a few years ago! :smiley:

A close up of the plant…I am making several more from the video and will give it a separate post when I get them done!

I normally don’t work in miniature, but I am glad that this challenge prompted me to give it a shot!

Thanks for looking!


It’s back-rame! Great job! Love the action shot.


Neat! It’s back baby!

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I didn’t realize exactly how tiny it was until I saw it modelled with the doll! That’s amazing. And I :heart: macrame!

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This is insanely amazing!


you have got to be kidding me!
That is cute as can be


Wait, macrame went out of style? Lol…don’t tell that to my inner hippie. :wink:

This is so stinking cute!




This is adorable. And the project too, bahaha :laughing:


ha ha ha…I am a child of the '70s… :woozy_face:


This is fantastic!!! I love how you completed it with the little spider plant too! (OMG it looks real!)


OMG, @AIMR, this is freakin’ adorable! It should totally live in @Mountains_and_Clouds mini clay studio. Thanks for totally making my day dear!


My kid & I just finished collaborating on a tiny hanging spider plant! Yours is much fancier, tho. :slight_smile:

I am using this video to make a bunch more!

Miniature Houseplants

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Yup, that is where we started also!

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I was just about to post this but see you beat me to it :laughing:


omg, get out!! I love it! And the spider plant too!! This is terrific!

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Ahh so cute!

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This is adorable!! I used to macrame lots and remember hangers all over my parent’s house for years.


I’ve watched a few of her videos and she has great ideas. But she stresses her Ss to much and the sibilant hissing bothers me. (I have issues)

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lol she also goes from that high squeaky child-like voice to her normal voice and it is distracting…I turn off the sound :smiley: and skip ahead…