Bronti the Stuffie Bronosaurus

Last year I made a teeny T-Rex for my GD and she has carried it around for a year. Her mom didn’t believe I had made it and was in fear of losing it and not being able to buy another. She now believes me and has relaxed…you moms out there know what that is about.
So this year Dino gets a pal, Bronti. She’s a herbivore, but Dino is well behaved and I was promised “no eating friends”. My GD will be surprised.
The pattern is from Cholyknight, Herbivore Dinosaurs. It was hard picking which one. The pattern went together well, though it was a bit fussy for my tastes. Very good directions. She came out so adorable.


My goodness this is adorable!!!

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Oh dear…it is so cute! Now I am going to end up down a rabbit hole looking at those patterns! lol

What a great addition to your GD’s stuffie collection!

So, so cute!

P.S. she’s getting dinosaur pjs again!


so cute! I love the rainbow plush!

This is adorable!!!

Aw, what a sweet little dino!

So adorable

Super adorable! I especially like the rainbow fabric detail in combination with the blue fabric. The stuffie looks super professional so she probably won’t believe you again. Lol!

Utterly adorable!

Adorable. Love the colors you chose and Bronti has such a sweet expression!

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This is absolutely adorable! I really like your fabric combo, the purple spots pop on the blue and the rainbow fabric coordinates perfectly! Are the bottom of the feet also made with the rainbow fabric?

Yes, she’s walking on rainbows!

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We let my GD open a present early. Success!


Oh my gosh, the adorableness here is off the scale!

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AW! I love this!!! :heart:

Beautiful!! And it’s bigger than I thought- optimal snuggle-size!

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

Your stuffies are a big hit!