Huggable Teeny-Rex Stuffie

I always give pjs to my grand kids for Christmas. The almost 3 yr old is getting dinosaur themed ones and so she needed something to go with them. The 14 yr old will just have to be jealous.

Meet Teeny-Rex, she’s hardly fierce and just wants to give you a hug. The pattern was free from Fairly easy pattern with wonderful directions and tips. I modified by adding a row of spikes/armour down her back.


Utterly freakin’ adorable! :purple_heart: :t_rex:

Ah, so so cute! Adding the spikes was a great idea!

This is so cute!

Love it!

Oh, so huggable! 14-year-old will be jealous for sure. Too cute!

So cute, I love that someone else’s grand daughter does dinosaur themes. I made my oldest one pink dinosaur jammies last winter.

Oh, that’s precious!

I’m 38 and I’m jealous! I want one! :heart:

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OMG! I just want to give this wee one all the snugs!

Absolutely adorable! What an amazing collection of free patterns they offer too, wow. Super cute.

Adorable! Yes, there will be jealousy happening.

Hot dang! :hotdog: Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us! :rainbow:

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Thank you. I am having a hard time giving this little dino up. I’ll have to make one for me.

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SO cute! I used a Choly Knight pattern for my little bats last year. They’re really well-designed, and consequently SUPER fun to adapt. I love your addition. What a darling!

(And thanks for posting the link, because it reminded me to check new patterns, and she has an OPOSSUM PATTERN now? Excuse while I lose my mind. Methinks little Vlad the Dapper Gentleman is getting an opossum companion for Christmas.)

I don’t get to see my granddaughter very often. She is 3 1/2 now and so verbal, funny and loving. We had a death in the family and we all got together as you do. Her favorite stuffie right now is this dino I made for Christmas. I was amazed. Her mom thought it was purchased and was worried that if it was lost she would never be able to replace it, well now she knows where to find another.


Oh my goodness, this is so cute!

I want to hug this Dino so bad!

I missed this cutie! So cute…