Brown Panda dress

Hi you crafty bunch!

Yup, you read it… brown panda, that’s what Mr Loops calls this one… technically it’s ‘rust’ coloured but he doesn’t go for these fancy colour names…

Right so this one is a little different as I wanted to try one of the patterns that I haven’t tried yet, which isn’t hard because I have a TON of patterns and have made very few of them because I tend to stick with my favourites.

I’ve gotta say, this is a dress that you can eat a nice big roast dinner in and not have to worry about it showing because it’s nicely voluminuous at the bottom, but still gives you a little shape (AND IT ALSO HAS POCKETS!)

I am looking for opinions/advice though, I love how comfy it is, but I’m just not sure how it looks on me. MiL says she doesn’t think the colour works on me, Husband is freaked out by the weird shape of it…

(and probably by my tiger impression too)… and my friend Spammy likes it but thinks it’s just not “out there” enough for me, a bit too basic. Essentially I was hoping to get the effect of something like a long slightly oversized hoodie, but without the hood, but I fear it may look a little more mumu almost?!

So my thoughts are to perhaps shorten it a bit, maybe take in those weird pointy hip corners just a tad, and maybe even add a hood to it??? Or should I just leave it as is? What say you guys???

And don’t worry, I have some Rosie pics for you of course…

:boom: I used this adorable jersey fabric from Minerva and the December dress [affiliate link] by George and Ginger

Hope you like! :sunglasses:
Thanks in advance for opinions/advice!!
Loops xx


First off, love the dress. You did an amazing job on it.
I was looking at the pattern, maybe if you shortened it you would get the result you are looking for. I think the shape gives you hips, and you have said you don’t have any before. It’s flattering and unique. Maybe a nice big statement necklace will help your MiL focus in and like it better on you? Either way, you are rocking it and I love it. Don’t worry what they say. If you like it, wear it!


Ooh, well remembered, I am indeed rather sausage shaped and the dress does give me some hips, that’s a good point!! I may need to up my jewellery game, I did have a look for jewellery before taking photos but all my statement necklaces seem to be in purple, lol. :wink:

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I think you look adorable…and any dress with pockets is a winner!


I think it looks great so long as you don’t pull the points out like in the tiger impression picture. (Then it does look a little silly…) If you’re worried about the color, maybe a contrasting floppy collar/wide cowl neck or something? Or @gozer’s suggestion of a statement necklace could work well. I think it works fine without tho, at least in these pictures.


Nicely made, interesting design!
That’s a lot of strong color and pattern, and it all kind of becomes a solid mass with your head sticking out the top. You lose the nuances of the design.

A Vee neckline or chunky jewelry would help break it up.

Maybe try it in a solid fabric, or a more subtle print, though I know that’s not your jam!


I’ve probably said it before, but I am so impressed by your seamstress skills! I like the way the ‘pointy hip corners’ cause the bottom of the dress to drape on you.

I agree that there’s a lot of pattern to that fabric and if you broke it up, it might work better for you. What if you were to take a colorful scarf or something and wrap it around your middle like a belt? With the built in hips that the dress provides, it might help balance out the look.


Lol. I love your posts. I agree with most commenters. The dress is awesome!! I love the “bubble” effect on the bottom and more fitted top. The fabric pattern might be the issue more than the shape but I love the quirkiness. I think your hood suggestion might be a good addition and might make the whole thing seem more hoodie-like. Regardless I love it!

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Congrats! Your Brown Panda dress is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!


@loves2experiment Aww you’re a sweetheart :wink:

@steiconi Yeah I kinda wish I’d done a v-neck as I much prefer those, but I didn’t think of it as I was making it unfortunately! Lol, I should share some of my older makes, my print leggings collection is pretty epic :crazy_face:

@AudiobookLover Awww thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hmm yeah I think it might be worth trying something to break it up, I tend to avoid belts since I don’t really have a waist, I go in oddly small under my boobs and then immediately start ballooning, lol, but I think it might be worth playing around with something sash/belt like to see how it looks!

@Abbeeroad It is a bit of a special print isn’t it, I tend to prefer to go a bit more skully than cutesy but I thought I’d try something a bit different. Perhaps the hood and a sash/belt might edge it up slightly… maybe!

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:heart_eyes: Weeeee, this is just the day that I needed to hear that I’m awesome!

Another adorable make! I agree with the addition of jewelry and the less pointy pocket bits and I think maybe less bulky shoes? I do think that the hourglass-y silhouette is right on. And Rosie is always the perfect accessory!


I love this! I like the unique shape. I think it makes a great statement for you and your personality. :slight_smile:


Such a cute dress!


So, my opinion:

The triangle sticky out hip bits detract from the coolness of this in this picture - for me.

Other than that, you rock this as well as you rock everything you make. I don’t think it’s a problem that it’s not ‘out there’ enough for your general style, but it’s a comfy item that no doubt will be a catalyst for future awesome designs. I also love the colour on you

Most important


I love this so much!!!

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I love :revolving_hearts: the dress and it’s color! It looks so comfy and suits you quite well!
I’d also suggest trying another fabric, maybe a more drapey one. And I wouldn’t do the hem seam, I think that could help the pleats to fall more smoothly, too. (sorry, I could describe it perfectly in German but it’s hard to find the right words for what I want to say in English). But if you want to have a hoodie-like dress you’d need a hem seam :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Ewulotta Just what I was thinking actually, I think that it would work much better in a double brushed polyester fabric as it’s lighter and less structured!

@Renstar You are indeed correct, I’m already pondering something similar in a Christmas fabric :wink:

@TheMistressT I wouldn’t dream of doing a photoshoot without including Rosie! :grin:

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Yes, something like that! Or maybe a rayon jersey knit fabric or a modal jersey knit fabric (are these the correct English names?). I especially like organic modal jersey for dresses.


I like the photos!

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