Merry [belated] stripemas

Heeeey crafty peeps!

It’s another of my pre-Xmas, pre-puppy makes that I’m catching up on posting!

I don’t have the greatest piccies this time, cos despite Mr Loops taking nearly 100 photos, 99% of them were blurry, lol. Plus my Uni friends were over for our annual Xmas meal (our 27th one!!!) so I’d already started drinking as you can see :wink:

I’d been hoarding this fabric for several years (like most of my fabric tbh) for just the right projects. One of my besties Spamalamadingdong (far right on the piccie above) got it for me from Mood Fabrics on a Xmas trip to the US just before the old Cov-fun kicked off. It’s a lovely cranberry colour, semi-sheer with sparkly stripes tho you can’t really see the sparkle on the photos.

I used the George and Ginger December Dress (tunic option, with pockets obv), which I used on my Brown Panda Dress previously, and I wasn’t entirely taken with it then, but I think that was the fabric type and the longer length option I used on that make as I really love it in this fabric!!!

I think the only thing I’d change on it, is to make the neckline a little lower. I know it’s not particularly high, but I just like a lower neckline nearer the old bazooka cleavage, else I seem to s̶w̶e̶a̶t̶ glow like crazy!

Happy 1½ months after Christmas!! :christmas_tree: :snowman:
Loops xx


This top is perfect for that fabric! It’s so cool that you and your Uni friends have an annual xmas meal and it made for a fun photoshoot for your top, too!

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Love those colors and the subtle sheer stripes.

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Great party top, especially since it has sparkles.

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What a cute too! And with pockets, no less! Perfect!

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@TheMistressT - It’s crazy how many we’re up to now, the very first one was the year before I moved in with them at Uni, and Spamalamadingdong is a belated member of the group, as whilst she did go to the same Uni, we only met her a number of years later. The only year we’ve missed so far was unfortunately during lockdown, but we had a vid call instead with snacks, booze, and we all each did a quiz for everyone! I imagine we’ll still be doing it when we’re all old and grey (well more so than now!)

@J-squared - Thank you! I do love the picture showing the back view where you really can see the sheerness the best

@endymion - Thanks! I think I may have ended up wearing it for actual Xmas day too in fact.

@Bunny1kenobi - Do you know it feels so wrong to have any clothing without pockets now, lol, I just made a matching top and skirt and neither have pockets :cry: couldn’t reaaally get away with it tho as they’re lace!


Fabulous! Looks like you had a great holiday and were dressed well for it! :wink:

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It looks amazing! Love that you included the pockets. We all need pockets. The color looks great on you. And you look like you had a lot of fun!


:star: :scissors: :sparkling_heart: Congratulations! Your striking Stripemas Tunic is a Featured Project this week! :sparkling_heart: :scissors: :star:


Love the color, stripes, and your witty text. I’m glad I didn’t drink my water right before I read “bazooka cleavage” because it would be alllll over my laptop!


Ooh, I really like the striped fabric. You did a great job transforming it into this top and the pockets looks so natural in the drape of the fabric!


@MistressJennie - Wayhay, thanking you muchly!!

@gozer - I wouldn’t know, I can’t remember any of it… ha ha ha only kidding, I didn’t get that blotto, tho my bestie Poo Shoes (the one with the Santa hat on) always stays over afterwards so the drinking dooooes continue into the evening (with some Xmas movies).

@irid3sc3nt - Pmsl, oopsy sorry about that, I hadn’t thought about the potential consequences of my words!! :laughing:

@AudiobookLover - Thanks, I wish she’d got me more of it tbh :face_with_hand_over_mouth: