Buggy Badges


Created these pesky pests on my embroidery machine and decided to turn them into badges that can be worn all the time! They’d go perfect with the Lil Buggy Fascinator Headband @sheepBlue Made


Those turned out so cool! I love it :smiley:

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They’re so cute!

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They are awesome!

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Love these!

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So pretty! I mean… bugs ew gross.

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Oh wow! Those are awesome!

love the colors you chose…makes them more “likeable”

They’re so tiny and cute!

love them!

Adorable. I love the way you chose thread that’s a type of metallic like a true bug would be!

Oh, yes, the shiny thread! Those bugs are wonderful.

Wow, these are incredible! Nicely done, and they look great when pinned in place, too.