Buggy Die Cut Thank You Notes


Well, I pretty much wiped out my handmade thank you note stash after xmas and my birthday, so I decided to make a few more!

I received a cool set of insect dies for my Sizzix for my birthday & found some nifty dandelion cardstock in my stash so I decided to put them together with some card blanks I had in stash to make 6 cards.

There are also a beetle and moth in the die set, but I went with just the bee and the dragonfly for these. I also used a circle die to cut scrap cardstock into 2 sizes of circle.

The only 4x6 card blanks I had in my stash had a speech bubble cutout built in to the front. I just turned them inside out to make it the sentiment part on the inside. I stamped “thank you” on a small piece of paper that I adhered to the back. I wish I’d run a black or grey marker around the edge of the quote bubble first. Oh, well!


These are wonderful, the cut out goes really well on that paper background.


These are so springtime! Maybe I should do something nice for you…naw.


Clever to flip the cards around. I love that little touch of the speech bubble. Also, I love these cards! My Mom makes a lot of cards and I am going to have to find those dies for her. I know she would love them!

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These are so gosh darn cheerful!

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Ah, thanks, friends!

They are Tim Holtz/Sizzix brand and I think purchased from Scrapbook.com in this case.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Thanks! I think she will really like them. :heart: :green_heart:

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Love those die cuts

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Wow, those are awesome!!!

Love those buggy bugs!

Thanks, everyone!