Button Trees

My best friend visits me in the summer and we like to take a day and do a crafty thing. One time we made these button trees.

First collect your buttons!

I used mostly pearls and pastels, and my friend used pearls with red and green.

The base is a styrofoam cone. Before you start, roll the cone against a hard surface, pushing in around the flat top to make it pointy. I did not do this, but should have!

Wrap the cone with lace.

Using pearl headed pins, or regular pins with a small bead on the head, attach one full layer of buttons. Go back and fill in the cracks with a second layer of buttons and pearl beads.

We did all white on the first layer, and white and accents on the second layer.

I used a long corsage pin to string together the top ornament.


The little bits of red and green add a nice touch.

Great idea! And well done. It would be fun to make many in different color ways.

This is great!

These are so pretty! The combine two of my favorite things: trees and buttons.

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I live the scattered pastels.
I’ll have to make a little tree like this for my collection!