Bye Bye Felicia tote bag -D&F 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

I decided to step up to the challenge contest! :grin:

Felicia = clutter in my closet, random yards of fabric that I have no clue what to do with and some felt interfacing that I would dearly love to see gone! :wink:

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on losing weight, and as a result, I have several pairs of jeans that are too big for me. They’ve been living in the back corner of my closet, until now…

I also had this blue cotton blend fabric. Can’t remember why I bought it, so I’m using that for lining.

I cut both of the legs off of the jeans, just below the crotch.

Next, I cut the leg pieces along the bulky seam, removing it from the leg pieces, so they would lay out flat.

I guestimated about 17" from the top of the let and cut off the remaining length. (I saved those bits asidde for making the handles.) With my trusty acrylic ruler, I evened up the edges.

After cutting the lining, I interfaced the denim. (Ftr, I bought some felt interfacing that is way too thick for my own use, but I hate throwing stuff away so this was a perfect time to use it.) I’ve never applied interfacing to denim. This took a while to do.

Then, I removed the back pockets from the jeans.

I stitched the pockets to one of the denim panels.

Time to get sewing! I sewed up the sides and bottom of the denim and lining. I used the notch method to box the corners. After sewing the lining to the denim, I made and attached the handles, and voila!!

It’s a Bye bye, Felicia tote bag!


That turned out great!! I love how the pockets line up perfectly on the bag too.


Nice! A denim bag would be so sturdy, too.


Nice! It will be very sturdy too.


Nice way to use those too-big jeans!


Nice job! Looks very sturdy and fun!


Wonderful tote, so soft and strong and feminine all at once!

Great reuse! Congrats on your weight loss!

@A2K Hi, Tonya! I’m a Tonya, too! :grin:

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This bag is going to last for ages and be so useful! Plus, it’s a nice reminder of your accomplishment. WOO!

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