Cafe au lait fingerless mitts

For me!! When I finished all my obligatory Christmas crafting, I decided to make myself a little something :smile:

Paula McKeever’s pattern for the mitts was a breeze to follow.


Beautiful work! The cables are so pretty.

Oh wow! These are so pretty! I really like the pattern.

Ooh as a newbie knitter, I look forward to the day I can whip up something like that :heart:

The cable pattern is easier than it looks! You can do it!

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those are gorgeous l2e!!:heart_eyes: @sheepBlue I’m a pretty basic knitter and cables are so much fun-not hard at all

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And there’s also a matching hat pattern if anyone’s interested.
I’m not much of a hat person, but I think a matched set would make a cute gift :slight_smile:
cafe au lait tam

Add me to the Cable Lovers’ Chorus. Top notch!

oneredboot made me that hat years ago!

Congrats on crafting for yourself! We need to do that more often, but never get around to it for some reason (cough, cough, swaps, cough). Lovely knitting!

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Oooh…was that for one of the STS holiday appreciation swaps? Hmmm, sounds like you need the matching mitts…just sayin’!

Right? Since there was a dearth of swaps with my favourite community of crafty peeps, I had to make something for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah pretty sure it was one of the STS appreciation swaps, I’m putting the gloves on my list of winter knitting now :yarn:

Atta girl! If you (or anyone who gives this a try) has questions, holler. I’ll try to help!

I’ve added the pattern to my Library but they will have to go to someone since I live in the South and there is no such thing as seasons. Summer? Yes. And that’s about it.

LOL…you tried. You made a reasonable attempt to craft for yourself!

I made a dishcloth today, so there’s that.

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Small victories ftw!

Those are so beautiful. I have envy, I want those in my life.

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