Calendar Page Envelopes

I made too many claims in the Ongoing ATC Swap and used up my stash of calendar page envelopes, so I had to make some more. These are all from the 2015 Nature’s Wonders calendar.

I have a cardboard template I made by taking apart and tracing a notecard envelope. The most efficient use of the paper means the image comes out at an angle on the final envelope:

But some of the photos either were just too cool to let them go cockeyed or with a bit of repositioning created a really cool frame for the eventual address:

Side note: I first got the idea for this kind of repurposing from a Craftster post years ago – maybe one of the first times I ever landed on the site. So it lives, in a way :beers:.

Thanks for looking!


They are all lovely!

Lol I also got the idea to repurpose calendar pages from the old site…I use them for envelopes as well as paper beads and tags…we are such a resourceful group, aren’t we? :slight_smile:


I have a We R Memory maker envelope template maker and it is wonderful, too. Yours are very pretty!

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Those are neat! I have {mumble mumble} years’ worth of calendars because I knew they had to be good for something! Maybe I’ll give the envelopes a shot!


Ooo! These are cooool! Such a great use of calendar images… we just don’t use wall calendars at our house for the most part, but we do receive them as gifts/premiums some times. I’m going to keep this idea in my head for another way to put them to use and another way to use my Cricut. I’ve several envelope svg files.

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I love the use of the calendar. I never want to throw them away but I don’t know what to do with them. This would be a great thing to try!

I pinned that original Craftster post and then did nothing about it, except refuse to throw away my calendars for like 8 years :laughing:.


LOL It’s a sickness we all share, apparently!