Camping stash bag in a rush - Take a Bite 2022 Challenge Entry

Years ago I made custom duffle/stash bags for camping. We went to a canping event where you had to haul in all your stuff from an unloading area. We had a camping cart (aka deer cart) and stacking items on it was a challenge. So many different sized objects! My DW asked for bags that were this long and that wide …please. we ended up with three of them. One for sleeping bags, one for bedding and towels, and one for pillows and misc. We love them. Packing the car is easier, canping is easier, and when empty they take up no room.
We are leaving Thursday and we both work full time. So I dug through the stash and found a big enough piece of sport nylon and stitched away. It’s a bit rough, but it is sturdy. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to piece together multi-colored scraps because of time. About 30" x 16" x 10".


That is an awesome bag! Having just packed my car up and not being able to find the bag I WANTED to use, I feel you on this one!

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Heck yeah for whipping up another so quickly. And you’ll get so many happy memories out of using it. :heart:

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Awesome! There’s nothing like a sturdy, practical bag. And yours looks so well-made (I’d say professional, but that kind of implies store-bought, and I think handmade is superior).

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Nice bag! I love that you have a use for it. I have the problem of having a ton of bags (not really a problem :slight_smile: ) without any uses. Looks solidly made! I love it.

K, what? You used a scrap of time, a smidgen between work & life, to make this awesome camping sack? You are a marvel! When you have a mo, I hope you’ll describe it further. Looks super cool!


WOW! This is a really impressive camping bag! That it is the same size as your others, made with all stash, and so quickly… DANG!

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Looks great, and especially considering the short time line!

I did have one of the others to guide me. But the original pattern was all mine.

It’s a simple duffle, with about 3" overlap of fabric at the top, cinched with D-rings. the ends are 16 x 10 inches with rounded corners. I used french seams because this stuff frays like crazy. The straps go around the bottom for strength. And I added a strap across one end so we can pull them out of the car easily.

They really are a bit awkward to carry very far, but they are easy to pick up and move from one spot to another. I like that they are soft, so they compress down nicely as we stack. I have special bags for the mattress pad, and the tarps. And we have 4 big tubs, one for kitchen and foodstuff, one for misc gear, and one each for our clothes. Keeps everything dry, they work as low tables and they stack nicely in the car.

So that’s 3 big bags, 4 tubs, two tents, a folding table, 4 camp chairs, a 10 x 10 canopy, a matress pad, tarps, cooler, small tall container for bathroom/first aid items, a djembe, 2 yoga mats, 2 back packs, way too many shoes and boots, etc. And we drive a Fit. We do have a top of the car bag, but we hope to not have to use it this year, but I’m sure we will. Cut’s down on gas mileage and is awkward. All this for a week of camping and a week of other activities. Luckily we don’t have to bring cooking gear. One meal is provided and there is a cooking tent set up. Life is good.


Your trip sounds wonderful and your bag is just perfect! I’m amazed at your ability to just “whip up” something that would take me eons!

It looks great and kudos for making something so useful!

:star: Congratulations! Your awesome project is one of this week’s featured projects! :star:

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Thank you!

This is so clever and well thought out.