CANCELLED - Undercover Fandom

Swap name: Undercover Fandom
Sign-up date: Aug 20th - Sept. 2nd
Send out date: October 12th

Do you have a favorite fandom, but you don’t like obviously advertising it? Do you like little side nods that only people in the know would get? Do you get a little twinkle in your eye when you see a white rabbit tattoo on someone’s shoulder? Then this swap could be just what you are looking for!
Undercover Fandom is all about sneakily being into a fandom. For example, if you are a huge Star Wars fan and you see someone wearing a Max Rebo Band shirt, you get it. If you see an apron with Mellark Bakery on it and you giggle, you get it. If you have a writing pen for an Authur Dent Travel Agency, you know where I am going with this.
Undercover things that most people wouldn’t get, only true fans do. That is what this swap is all about.
For this swap you MUST have a Pinterest board set up for it. The swap is not about forcing someone to watch 10 hours of your favorite fantasy show or read all 12 installments of your favorite book series. If you chose to do that, great for you, but it’s not required. You must come up with the ideas for your partner. They don’t have to be specific, but they need lead your partner in the right direction. If I don’t think there is enough information, I may have you add to your questionnaire. If you can’t think of anything undercover as a superfan, we can’t expect your partner to either. Show your knowledge of the obscure!
This swap has always been great fun in the past. I am so excited to see what everyone is into! Don’t forget a fandom can be anything; books, movies, shows, song lyrics and bands, video games, toy lines, you name it.

Swap Requirements: This swap will be for one Medium and one Small item.

Name of swap: Undercover Fandom
Craftster username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?
Confirm that are at least 16 years old: (YES/NO)

Pinterest Link (required):
Do you have a specific board related to this swap (recommended)?

Any other wish lists, blogs or etc.?

Please list AT LEAST three geekdoms/fandoms for which you would be interested in receiving a crafted item. Please include the type (book, movie, video game, TV series etc) as well.

List at least six things that are specific/unique to those fandoms in the order in which you would like to receive them. Please use the format below.
Fandom - Preferred Media - Feature/Quote/Unique Item - Project Possibilities

Favorite quotes or sayings from your Fandom (Include which Fandom):

What types of items would you like to receive?

Is there anything you absolutely do NOT want to receive?

Favorite Colors, color combos or patterns:

*SIZES. If you’d like any clothing/jewelry items, please list your sizes below. If you don’t want any of these items, you can skip this section.
t-shirt (and type. Ex v-neck, mens, etc):
preferred necklace length:

Do you have any allergies?
Does your home have any allergens (i.e.-smokers, pets, etc…)?

Any other info you’d like to share? (Do you play an instrument? Color schemes/themes in your home? Do you work and if so, what do you do? Fave foods? Do you collect anything?.. and so on…anything to help your partner make a package specific to you!)



If you have any questions feel free to ask them. This has always been an amazingly fun swap!

This IS always a fun swap!

Swag from the Stars Hollow Knitting marathon? Maybe a Downton Abbey travel tea case? Or an Aang arrow hat?

Lawwwsy! So much fun!

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The possibilities are endless!

I like dressing up practical items with irreverant topics.

I’m pretty sure I made a kettle warmer for someone…and it had a plant head.

Found it! It’s called a mandragora!


I wanna do this! I have to think about it… i can probably pull off a med and a small if I don’t do extras and overextend myself.

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I WILL be signing up for this, but need to think about the questionnaire a little bit more so I can be as thorough for my future partner as possible.


Absolutely! I hope there is enough interest. Anyone else working on questionnaires?

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I will be working on mine today/ tomorrow. I’m crazy to do this right now, but dangit I’m in!

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Ohhhhhaaawrg tempting…

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What does the Pinterest board we create for this swap need to have? I assume craft/item references but also like reference pictures of fandom things/characters that you like? (For example, if you wanted Doctor Who fandom items you might pin some pictures of Doctor Who shirts or jewelry but also maybe some pictures of your favorite Doctor and the Tardis?)

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I’m very tempted…

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I think the idea is to pin some subtle fandom ideas that a potential partner could run with even if they aren’t familiar with the fandom. For example, pretty much all I know about Dr Who, Firefly, and anything anime related is what I learn from all you crafty bunch.

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Let’s say you want the Doctors scarf. You could save a picture of that. Or lets say you wan to go more obscure, make sure you post something so your partner will know what it is your talking about.
I don’t know Dr. Who, so I can’t give a Dr Who example.
Let’s go really far back and talk about Lost and use that as an example. Remember how all the hatches had different symbols on them? You would post those symbols. I bought my co-worker some coffee packs that had the symbol of one of the hatches on it and he thought it was hilarious. But I wouldn’t want to make my partner go and search for the hatch symbols and hope they were right. I am giving them the information they need without forcing them to watch the show.
If you can’t find something to post, but you can explain it, that will be fine, but you still need a Pinterest of basic ideas for your partner. Another example, lets say you want something from a band or bar out of a book your reading. You can explain that one. Just make sure you give enough information that someone can make you something.

Pretty much what @bunny1kenobi said. :joy:


I know we had that swap on the old site, but did we one here already? Just wonder if there’s a gallery to get inspiration from?

Trying to dip my toes back into swaps after faaaar to long an absence…

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This will be the first round here.

Here’s my Undercover Fandom pinterest board for an example (inside of the Crafties I’d love):

I love Ted Lasso, Brooklyn 99, Gilmore Girls, Letterkenny, Firefly, Fringe, Veronica Mars, the IT Crowd, and Continuum, Superstore, Bob’s Burgers, so those are where a lot of my pins came from and I’ll put some stuff on my list that references them subtly in an undercover way.

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I went on a Wayback Machine quest to find the old galleries for this swap, and for the most part the photos aren’t functional or the gallery pages themselves are missing. I’m convinced there’s a roundabout way to data-mine more of it, but it’s time for me to back out of this rabbit hole and shut off my brain for the night.
This swap sounds like a fun challenge, but it’s been a few years since I’ve actually engaged with most of the things I would want to put on my list, and most details I enjoyed and appreciated about them have fallen out of my memory. So I’ll be over here on the sidelines enjoying what you all create. :grinning:

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I love Ted Lasso! I would love to have something for my office that says, “Be the goldfish”!!!

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