Canvas magnets

I made these for the fridge magnet swap and had a lot of fun in the process. At some point I bought several tiny canvases to play with, and they came in handy for two of the magnets.

@lifeinpigtails happened to write that her style was industrial chic, and that got my imagination going. I’ve admired assamblage pieces and figured it should work on a smaller scale too.

It helped to have lots of whimsies and random bits and bobs on hand… I made the little green blob-creature out of polymer clay ages ago, and the seashell is from a broken necklace. I started placing everything the way I wanted it first and when I was happy I started gluing the parts I wanted stacked together before gluing bits to the canvas.

I stacked beads and buttons to get an industrial feel. Fun fact: there are three IKEA things on the canvas.

These didn’t make the cut…

On to the paint job! Husband was airbrushing Warhammer 40k figurines, so what’s another piece?

These are four of the magnets I ended up sending. The snow leopard is storebought. The cat is acrylic on a paperclay base I built around a magnet. The other canvas is acrylic on canvas and the assemblage is drybrushed with a few different pigments to give the dirty metallic look. I employer my husband again since he’s quite familiar with the colors and techniques by now.

Bobs goggles got a bit of warhammer color too, but I did it myself.

Working with the acrylic was interesting since my colors are pretty old and I had to mix several of the colors from others. The black tube of color was ”dead” for example so the black parts of the cat is dark blue and dark brown mixed together. It was fun, if a bit challenging at times. I’m just glad the tube of ”minion yellow” was in good condition, because it would have been hard to pull off without it.


Ohhhh, that reminds me that I have some canvas magnets and lots of items that I can make an assemblage magnet, too!

Your magnets are all very nice.

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I love them all! Where’s the skvader? :smiley:
I’m still hoping that your postal service will let go of your magnets so I can share them.
I love seeing the process and thank you for being such a great swap partner!

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I’m going to check how many pictures I took and maybe start a separate skvader thread :slight_smile:

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these are great. I love the assemblage canvas.

Assemblage is harder than it looks. You did an amazing job!

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