Caravan miniature

My latest one, this was a lot more fiddly than some of the others, there was some swearing involved. But it is very cute. Took about four days to make this one. I’ve managed to get the windows good and dirty with glue, but given that I’ve been making miniatures rather than cleaning my own Windows, I guess it’s appropriate.


Well that’s just adorable

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I love all of the little interior shots! So many cute, but tiny, accessories! The luggage in the roof rack is so fun- is that a guitar case? It makes me long for a little camper/caravan of my own :slight_smile:

You just have to stop this cuteness…I can’t get any of my cleaning done either!! lol

So many cute things…did you have to create the inside and then build the caravan around it? I just can’t picture how it is done!

The tiny sink and the tiny chair…sigh

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I love the splotchy lawn!

Oh my word, that is Cuuuuute!

It made me chuckle that one of your supplies was “swearing”. :grin:


You have to build everything, it all comes in a box that’s about 3x8x10".

Anything that’s made of wire is made from a coil of wire,

the sink for example

  • 7 rectangles of wood that have been Lazer-cut. They have to be glued together.
  • The silver inside the sink is a piece of shiny aluminium tape cut to size and stuck on.
  • The tap is a short length of wire that needed to be cut, bent into a curve, add a bead and an eyelet and glue into place.
  • handles are more pieces of wire that are cut, flattened, bent and glued into place.

The BBQ for example was made from card, paper and wire-a total of 23 separate pieces.

Rinse and repeat for all the elements. The actual structure is a mix of cardboard with a wooden base. The pink sides were printed on paper which had to be cut out and glued, the sliver top is more sticky tape-they didn’t supply enough with this kit and do it’s not as neat as I would have liked.


Hot dang! This one might just have the most wee details (weetails?) of them all! No wonder it took days to build!

Thank you for explaining just how much you have to create from the kit. This will help me resist since I have yet to buy my very own magnifying lamp… which I would definitely need for tackling this. But… oof, so impressive!


Well, isn’t that the cutest thing ever.

Dirty windows means a caravan well traveled! Nicely done!


Wow!! Kudos to you for making so many if these! I would have given up after probably one or two pieces!

Well, the swearing was worth it because this is adorable!

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I’ll have a few more to arrive. I’ll do an unboxing video and more progress shots for the next one. So that you all can see what’s involved. They are very absorbing to do, but very fiddly


Yes, please!

Adorable! I love everything about this. I can’t believe you did it all in 4 days!

Oh cute, this was on my list of possibles, but quite glad now I didn’t make it my first :rofl:


Congrats! Your Caravan Miniature is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Your caravan soul!!

The little details like the guitar case and the travel stickers on the suitcase are so much fun. I can see how putting that all together would be fiddly and swear-inducing, though! Wow!