Caravan miniature

The suitcase on the ground beside the BBQ, was 16 separate pieces of paper!


Did you hear that sound? That was my jaw hitting the floor. :astonished:

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It was actually crazy, each of the corners of the suitcase was 3/4 of a circle. The diameter of the circle was about 4mm (about 0.15") and had to be glued into the corner shape and then glued on to the case-8 times!

This is a kit I would only recommend if you were really really devoted to caravans.


This is the unboxing video of the next one.


How did I miss this? It’s sooo cute!!! <3 I love little trailers. I couldn’t ever live in one of course, because I hoard everything… but I can pretend. :grin:

It’s darling!!!

This is so freaking adorable!

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Soooo much detail, I just love it!!!

Oh my goodness! This is WAY more work than I was imagining! It turned out super cute though. Worth it!

Utterly, almost heartbreakingly, adorable. Well done my friend.

I’m in love with this! The details are amazing, I love the guitar, the suitcase, everything. You did a great job with the intricate details. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Thank you :grin:

Awe.Some! I just luv miniature stuff. Your caravan invites me to go over and have a seat. Super cosy. ;-D

Every miniature space you share is a space I wish I could live in…this one most of all, since it has all I really need!

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OH. My. Gosh. how wonderful this is! Do you keep it under glass so you don’t have to dust it all? And do you have animals who will possibly knock it over? What a glorious piece of happy happy art.

I’m thinking it is going to end up impossibly dusty

Holy cow!! All of the details are amazing! I also just watched the video you linked of the next kit. SO MANY PIECES!! This came out super duper fantastic, I just love it! <3

Thank you

I may have over ordered kits. I now have 5 waiting to go, but I’m packing in preparation to list my house, do I have no idea when I’ll get to them.

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