Cards and bookmarks for church charity fundraiser

I made some greeting cards and bookmarks for the Christmas sale at my church. The Catholic Women’s League uses the funds from sales like this to donate to local charities, including one that helps women/girls in crisis pregnancies, as well as various homeless shelters and soup kitchens around town. For the size of our city (less than 150,000), we have so much need here. It’s sad to think about.

These aren’t much, but they were made just to be given away as people entered the church hall, so they were free and just a little thank you for people for coming. I also gave one of the bookmarks to my sister, who said “the mark of a homeschooling mom… everything is laminated” :joy:)—my sister also homeschools her kids.

I forgot to grab a picture of the finished bookmarks, but you can see the back of one of them on the paper cutter to the bottom right of the first picture.

Unfortunately my printer was having issues, so the colours weren’t great for the photocopies… but I tried. I suppose it’s the thought that counts.


It was so nice of you to make giveaways for the event. And the “everything is laminated” line made me chuckle.


these are fantastic! what a wonderful giveaway!
I really like your lettering, and on a personal note, I like the idea of having a Bible verse handy as an ongoing reminder of Mary @ Christmas!
Glad you shared~


Very thoughtful! I like the laminated touch. :smile:


They are crafted so well. Your lettering is beautiful.

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A perfect reminder for Christmas, and all year. Helping wherever we can is a good, good thing.

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Thank you everyone for the kind and encouraging words!

Funny backstory as to why I gave my sister the bookmark…

My sister collects antique books. I found a box of antique books, including a gorgeously bound with gold-gilded pages one. It was in the weekly silent auction in the thrift store behind my house, and I scored the whole box for $20!

My sister lives in the US and I live in Canada, so I put the books aside until her next visit, which was to be for US Thanksgiving this past November.

I carefully put all the books in a box so I wouldn’t forget to bring them with me to London, ON, where we were meeting up, wrote “DON’T FORGET TINA’S BOOKS!!!” everywhere, set the box aside in my bedroom, and…

Remembered the box when we were 3.5 hours into our drive :sob:

So I told her all of the above, then said, “Well, I don’t have books for you, but would you like a bookmark?”

She laughed, lol.

My sister and I don’t get along great, but sometimes we have these little funny moments.


That’s funny!

It would be SOOOO dangerous for me to have a thrift store behind my house. Not to mention the weekly silent auctions.