Cassette Box Card - A Birthday Mix Tape


One of my oldest friends is turning 50 in a couple weeks! And it’s probably going to take that long for a card to get to him in Germany from here!


The Cassette Box Card svg files from seemed like just the thing for another 80s kid. :wink: I chose all my papers inspired on the envelope paper, because the shoes are very him-back-in-the-day. The plaid also speaks to a particular item of clothing he bought on his first visit wayyyyy back when.

It might be the smallest envelope of any box card I’ve ever made which will hopefully help it get across the world more quickly. Certainly a little more cheaply. :upside_down_face:


The colours! The patterns! This is perfect.

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I love this so much. The fact that it even simulates the tape wound around the spools blows my mind.

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Oh! Cassette tapes are so cool. This is so neat.

This card is super cool :sunglasses: I keep fingers crossed it arrives in Germany sound and safe.

That turned out so great! Perfect for the 50 year old.

Thanks everyone! This card was fun and relatively quick to make, so I can see myself making it a few more times.

Mary, the designer at svgcuts, really does a great job with putting nice details in her project files.


So flippin’ cute!