Ceramic cactus babies

I’ve been into handbuilt ceramics for quite a while now. I wanted to make a ceramic companion for a crocheted cactus and a needle felted cactus I received in swaps oh so many ages ago. So I made three… kept the skinny one, put the others somewhere else and am currently working on five more (experimenting with different colors, glazes, and firing method). Here’s that first batch.

First completed project post in YEARS!


Those look so cool! I love it :heart:

Awesome project! And so glad you posted it. Welcome back to posting & sharing!

Wow, those looks so great! Thank you for sharing.
@Lynx2Lancer , check these awesome un-killable house plants out!

Gotta love unkillable houseplants and ceramics!

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These are amazing!

These look great! And no chance of being poked.

Those came out great! What a cool idea.

Actually… they’re a little dangerous. :smiling_imp:

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Those are great! I love that idea. You won’t to worry about forgetting a
to care for them. :wink:

They look so realistic and wonderful!

Eeeee!! These are great!!

They are fab! Houseplants that require minimal care (just the occasional swipe of the duster)? Oh, yes!

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So cool! Ceramics seems intimidating to me. Is it as hard as it looks? Do you own all your supplies or do you go somewhere else to do part of the process?

@endymion, I do classes at a community art school. I have my own tools and some glazes and underglazes, but the facilities, glazes, and kiln firing come with the classes. There’s a lot of trust (risk) involved sometimes in putting greenware and bisque into strangers’ hands, but I have 0% chance of installing my own kiln in a condo, ha.

Oooh, very pretty! Thank you for sharing!

I am loving these! I’ve thrown a bit of pottery at another studio and I miss it. I do hope to have a wheel and kiln one day!

This is fantastic! I have somewhat of a black thumb and this would be the perfect solution for me. :slight_smile:

This is the kind of cactus I need! Every time I get near any type of cactus I manage to stab myself. I swear the Saguaros around here are ninjas and get me when I just glance their way :stuck_out_tongue:

These are perfect, especially for those who can’t even keep a live cactus alive :stuck_out_tongue: they are really pretty all of them, I love the pots