Ceramics Classroom

I guess it’s not technically “Home” but it’s one of my homes, so I thought it was fitting to post in this category. I’m a full-time high school Ceramics teacher and this is my studio. :blush:

I taught in a private school for over a decade, but moved to this public school position two years ago. I got hired just two days before school started :flushed: so we had to whip the classroom into shape super fast. We started by tearing down dozens of old stock posters, majorly decluttering the room, and deep cleaning. Then we loaded up all sorts of random decor (and black paint!) from our house to get to decorating.

Glazes, glazes, glazes. These are all brush-on glazes. Love Ikea shelves for these! I also have a corner of buckets for dipping glazes (my favorites).

We used black paint in the corner of the room near my desk. It’s the first area you see when you enter the classroom, so we wanted it to be very warm and welcoming. It also created a bit of a visual divider from the rest of the white walls around the room.

Random cute stuff on my desk.

Part of the wheel area. My advanced class uses the wheels and my Ceramics I classes use the tables for handbuilding.

@sweets4ever used some old decor canvases and a curtain rod from our garage to create some art for this wall. She painted over all of the canvases with white paint and then drew some fun pottery one line drawings on them. I hung them from the curtain rod with twine and a staple gun. :smiley:

We have a big family group text where we all share things from our homes. My cousin had given us this mirror. I have it hanging in front of one of the wheels. The kids love it for selfies like this :laughing: but it’s also awesome to see a different angle of your piece when you’re throwing at the wheel.


Ceramics to high schoolers sounds challenging and fun. The classroom looks huge! You really made it homey yet sophisticated.


That’s a mighty fine classroom! :heart_eyes:


What a gorgeous space to create in and inspire creativity. It looks way more like a professional artists’ studio than a high school (or even college) class room.


It’s pretty easy to accomplish when creating with your muse.

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That room is an amazing space!


Wow! This is way more elegant than any public school classroom I’ve ever been in!

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It looks awesome and it is so big!
I can imagine all the fun your students are having there.
Way to go!

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Oooh I would love to be one of your students! Love the decoration of the classroom. Great job! :orange_heart:

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Such an inviting space, what lucky kids!

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