CFA Craftyboot Camp July 2022

Hi All

One of the groups I belong to on facebook hosted a Crafty Boot camp with their Cricut machines and I decided to participate. And these are projects I completed. I was aiming to get nine crafts done but got to 8 because of some etching fails.

So my favorite project of the day was the you have been poisoned cake dishes.

I was planning on etching them but the dishes I used didnt take to the etching cream ( damm Pyrex). So I used the vinyl stencils to paint the design on the underside of the dishes and baked the paint in the oven this morning. I used Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint for the paint. The one with the one skull was painted with transparent paint and one with the two skulls was painted with the non transparent type.

Second favorite craft was the water jug, because I used colour changing vinyl to make it so it goes from a dark blue when cold to light blue almost white colour when warm.

- When cold
- Warming it up
- Warmed

Next up you have the two cards I made- These are inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest which was a card which you could spin for different compliments. I decided to do a Christmas card with different holiday greetings a birthday card with birthday wishes. I used canva as well as cricut design space to make them and I enjoy spinning them but need to work on the finish touches as they arent up to the standard I aspire to before I give it to someone. So they are great prototypes.

The glasses were kinda extra projects I dont feel either way about, I had always wanted to make a glitter peak a boo glass but I only had tall glasses in my stash and didnt want to go buy stemless wine glasses so I think it doesnt look as good as it could have. Also my house is now filled with glitter- not sure it was worth it. The other glass is a bit hard to see in the above picture is etched with bees.

Finally just a simple little project to jazz up an ikea watering can. I am thinking of adding in a plant at the top- but not sure yet

So with these 8 projects my running total for this year is 33 I am hoping to get to 52 this year and this craft day was a great way to get a bunch of projects done.


Great effort :hugs:

Those pie plates are so funny!! I like the reddy-browny one, it looks more deadly :skull:


These are great! The red pie plate is my favorite, too, but that color changing vinyl is really cool!

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These are great. I love the cake plates. I’m not on FB, but my daughter is and she had a cricut. Is it a closed group? If not what’s the name?

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All very fun projects! Love the color-changing vinyl; I had not heard of that before.

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Fun projects! I have a cricut and I didn’t know I could use it to do half of these projects! How cool!

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@Edel it is a facebook group for Australian who have a cricut this is a link to the group if its appropriate for your daughter. Cricut for Australians | Facebook

It certainly is, she’s an adult and we’re also Aussie citizens. Thanks sweetie

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I love the watering can! :smile:

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:tada: Wheeeeeee doggies! :hotdog: Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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These are gorgeous! That flower water bottle is stunning. The lines are so thin and sophisticated looking. Love the poisoning too. It’s fun and reminds me of my childhood.