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Bunny1kenobi gave the challenge Fandom Mashup.
I love pirates, black cats, and cat photo bombs.
I have an old pirate book which provided me with an apt illustration. Then Black Jack the Fearsome Furry came along to bomb it.


So many cool things to admire!! I love the photobombing pirate kitty :smile_cat:

I was a bit slow but I completed @AuFish’s bright spot challenge today.

Thanks for the fun idea!


Love both of the kitties

Glad you enjoyed it. Beautiful job

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This is what I painted for @thanate’s rain challenge.

Thanks for the inspiration!


@nou @jemimah here is my offering for “self-care” which also covers “earth.”

I used the fabric I ordered to follow the pattern (minus the border parts) to make the 5-yard Everyday quilt.

It’s really pretty, but much too small for a bed quilt (which I suspected.) Now to decide (with dh) if I should spend the $ to get 3 more yards of fabric of each of the 5 colors to finish the top. This’ll be an expensive top if I do! (Most fabrics are Timeless Treasure).

Thanks to @GeekyBookworm for holding this up on a windy day to show you.


It’s beautiful!! Would you use it as a throw size quilt?

I’d rather not as we already have too many throw sized things around the house. But, I could.

Yeah, with all that beautiful work, it would be a shame if it wasn’t well used and loved.

It’s really pretty!! I like all the colors!!!

@Lynx2Lancer will there ever come a day when you look back and regret those few dollars spent on the lovely handmade quilt you are snuggling under with hubs in your big ole bed?

Rhetorical question, we all already know the answer :kissing_heart:

Of course not…but I have to share?? LOL.

DH and I agreed I could buy more fabric, most from the same Etsy shop, the last one she was out of and I found it on another site. So. Yay!


Yay! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

Great work! That’s a lovely quilt, I’m glad you get to keep it and enjoy it.

I’ve been thinking I’d like some hair bows that are more “grown up”. In response to @roler’s mystery challenge, I made this with Jack the Ripper in mind- one of the best known mysteries in history! The blood-splashed text on the ribbon is reminiscent of both his letters to the police and the sensational press that the case received at the time. The skull is pretty self explanatory I think. :wink: Also, just FYI - it is very challenging to photograph the back of one’s own head. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That quilt top is great. I think you definitely should increase it if you think you’ll love it more.

@Bunny1kenobi that hair bow is great


I’d challenged myself to try a new technique and to do so in greens. I tried some resist techniques on top of unwanted photos, and none of the resists resisted. :laughing: oh well, it ended up a pleasant exercise in layering patterns, paint and gesso.


@calluna, those are gorgeous greens and fun designs!

@bunny1kenobi, definitely knocked a grow up bow out of the park!

I took @audity’s “good omen” theme, and made this Find your omen pocket letter.

I adjusted my challenge from “thunderstorms,” to “thunderstorms/a perfect storm” so there’s more room for creativity.


I really love how you filled up a container with more stuff! I am going to remember that idea! I have to admit that I have a bit of an obsession now to collect random things…I have a box on my desk that I throw stuff into…I can’t wait to make another one…I blame @geekgirl for my obsession…but in a good way! Your piece is really cool…I spy kissing!!! :heart:


I pulled out my Jar of Whimsies (from a long ago Swap) and that kissing pendant was in there!

I was thinking that everything needed to be metal, but as I gathered up items, I realized that since I was spray painting everything, it wouldn’t matter.

I’m thinking of making a bigger one eventually!

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