Challenge chain, post your completed challenges here, and chat about the challenges

I love raspberry, and I never thought to pair it with chicken. Yum.

That sounds delicious! I really need to get myself a grill!

And, once I get myself back into my normal routine (I got home today after a month away), I’ll be grabbing another challenge. I want to be able to get it done in a more timely manner next time!

I’m gonna let others claim “sign,” but we are obsessed with Impractical Jokers and I just today decided I needed a sign from some of their best jokes, so I will probably make one, too.

@Bunny1kenobi that is amazing!!

Thank you! :grinning:

I took @Cindy’s challenge of using RED and YELLOW in the same project and used it for my prismacolor pencil drawing of oranges. Basic color theory: red and yellow make orange!! The prismacolor one is in the top middle.

Here it is as part of the whole set.


Here is a rope ladder made for my MAGICAL FAIRY GARDEN:

Squirrel-friend reached the top and is now doing a little meditation and enjoying the view.


I couldn’t decide for Circus. This is my first entry. I have another one I might do. I love how bored they both look. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love the rope ladder @calluna it’s so cute.

That’s a great design @kittykill

Love the rope ladder and the circus embroidery!

I’ve got 2, and I feel terrible because the first one is from months ago, @Cindy suggested water
This was inspired by my auntie’s desert sunset photos, but I’m not a great painter. This needs a lot more work. image image image

The second was from @AIMR for the soft and cuddly promt. Just some pillows, as a way to get a hang of how my machine works. (The pink and gray pillows were supposed to be one big pillow but stretchy fabric is still difficult for me, and the cosmos pillow is just an envelope style case, which would normally overlap, who ever looks at the back?)
(Also pink one is still in need of hand stitching on the one side)
image image


Did you put any interfacing on the stretchy fabric? That really helps to stabilize it and makes sewing so much easier!

I really like the cactus sunset painting, and I commend you for working on a rounded surface!

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Thanks! And I didn’t even think about using interfacing, that would have helped lol

Love the vivid painting on the water bottle!

The pillows are great, too. Nobody looks at the back! The cosmos print fabric is really beautiful.

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I stitched up one more circus themed item. I love this vintage pattern. Of course it is a little puppy,


Awww, cute!!

Cute circus dog!

You stitch so quickly! I’m impressed!

Thanks all! I’m surprised I stitched the dog in a few hours. I am much faster at embroidery than cross stitch.

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I chose @endymion’s INTERNATIONAL theme and made my dad an Airmail themed bag

The bottom fabric has envelopes from all over the world which makes it international