Charcoal Deodorizer Sets

I’ve made these a few times and keep coming back to them because they work so well!

They are “sachets” of activated charcoal and help remove strong odors. I use them in shoes, closets, and drawers.

This year I used burlap bags and stitched them shut. I like to have some kind of hanging option on them so they can be more versatile (like strung on a hanger in a closet).

Here’s the ones from this year:

And here are some I made last year. I usually just use whatever I have for a breathable fabric. I buy the charcoal online in bulk, and prefer the pellets because they are WAY less messy. On these ones (and ones years prior that I don’t have photos of), I added grommets to the corners so they could still be hung or attached to things.

They can be “refreshed,” too, by placing them in direct sunlight. I’ve been able to notice results from them for over a year. Kinda amazing.

Thanks for taking a look!


Neato! I used activated charcoal once to de-funk a thrift store coat and it worked like a charm. This is such a pretty presentation! Where do you source your charcoal?

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Oooo! Super handy! I’m sure they would be great for my son’s shoes, lol, those things are stinky! It’s so cool that they can be renewed in the sun. Did you make the tags, as well?


Thank you for the kindness!

@wittychild I usually just get it on Am*zon, though I did buy some from a pet supply store before, too, because it was on sale - the pellets that are sold for aquariums seem to work great, lol.

@irid3sc3nt They are stellar for shoes! I did make the tags - designed in Publisher, and used print and cut with my Silhouette.


Cute little stocking stuffers!

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Great idea for a gift!

Genius! Perfect for gifting. I need to remember it!

What a cool addition to your collection of handmade gifties!

This is a great idea. All your gifts are so excellently crafted and beautifully done!