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Ok, since my trigger finger is making it such a pain to knit (Along with other pains), I guess my knitting days are behind me…Or are they? I think I can still write them, heh, so if anyone would like to have a go…Well, I’ll post them here.

This first one is an idea I had about knitting a little bag for holding a phone (or in my case a finger splint, as well, O_o) which can be safety pinned to the side of a bed. I think it’d be even handy to have in a hotel room, especially for people who use their phones for alarms.

Small Bamboo Bag:

Basket Cast on 32:64 sts.
Knitting in the round.

( K1 P1 )16 K*
m1 ( K1 S1wyif )16 m1 K*

( P1 K1 )17 K*
( S1wyif K1 )17 K*

Repeat last two rows three more times.

( yo K2 pyo )17 K*

Repeat last two rows until bag measures 5 inches (less or more to your liking).

Using another needle, bind off 34 stitches (Sliding the first stitch off the left needle onto the right unused needle. This one will be bound to the last stitch of the piece).

No longer circular knitting.

K-2 K2tog
K2tog K-2 K2tog
K2tog K-2 K2tog
K2tog K-2 K2tog
K2tog K-2 K2tog
P2tog P-2 P2tog
Bind off

Remember you don’t have to do the basket cast on as I do, but you can start with 64 stitches and sew it together at the end.

yo K2 pyo : Yarn over knit two pass the yarn over the last two stitches knitted.
K-2 : Knit along til two stitches remain on the left needle. (Basically knit across minus 2)

A video I made about the basket cast on.


Thanks for letting us know about this!

Great idea! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I hope to see you knit again…

Lettuce Leaf Wash Rag

Co 149 sts : Separate onto double pointed needles. 3.25 mm, 3.5 mm, or 3.75 mm

  1. K7 K2tog turn work around
    GS1 P5 P2tog turn work around
    GS1 K6 ( K2tog K7 )5 K22 K2 K2tog K2 K22 ( K7 K2tog )5
  2. P5 P2tog turn work around
    GS1 K3 K2tog turn work around
    GS1 P4 P62 P1 P3tog P1 P62
  3. K5 ( K1 K2tog K7 )5 K12 K3tog K12 ( K7 K2tog K1 )5
  4. Purl around (all all subsequent even rows).
  5. ( K3 K2tog K5 ) Around

7: ( K1 K2tog K6 )
9: ( K2tog K6 )
11: ( K5 K2tog )
13: ( K3 K2tog K1 )
15: ( K2 K2tog K1 )
17: ( K1 K2tog K1 )
19: ( K2tog K1 )
21: ( K2tog )

22: ( K2tog )
Pull yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.


GS1 : German Short Row Slip Stitch


1-22-22 : First draft is written.

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I love that you are doing mental knitting and patterning. Very cool! Wish I could knit…The lettuce wash rag sounds fun.

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I’ll definitely try the lettuce when I’m finished with my swap package :slight_smile:

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