Christmas Cupcake Snowman Cat Ornament

I made this for the Ongoing Ornament Swap. Sign up all month! Come join us!

I claimed roler for a Christmas Cat in the swap, and when I saw a pattern for Kokeshi Doll amigurumi “Christmas Cat (Snowman/Reindeer/Santa) in Cupcake” in ennadesign’s etsy shop, I knew that’s what I had to make!

I ended up loosely following the pattern, and kind of mixing the snowman/santa patterns.

It’s fun because the Kokeshi style is kinda of like peg dolls (I had to look it up!) and that is the part that fits into the cupcake. Then the cupcake is just fun! I used Christmas colors. I ended up mixing acrylic and cottons yarns, which caused size differences, but I just added some elastic in the cupcake center to make it a little more sturdy to keep the snowman cat in and take out.


Thank you so much for this fun, festive, creative kitty!! I especially love the hat so much! It really is just darling! XD

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I am so glad and relieved you like this take on your theme!

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this is the cutest!

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That’s so cute that you can remove the snowcat!