Christmas Gift Wrap

Each year, I try to do a similar theme for all of our holiday gift wrapping for Christmas.

This year, I used plain black kraft paper (butcher paper) and doodled designs, tags & names with a silver metallic Sharpie. I added some black & white twine and star ribbon to some of the packages, too. It was SO easy to do, but the final result was so striking.


I am in love with this paper. Such a good idea!

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Thank you!!

I seriously thought you bought super expensive paper - just gorgeous!

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Aw, thank you!

In reality, I was just over here drawing with Dollar Tree markers on some paper. :rofl: And it was SO relaxing.

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Such a lovely and tempting pile of packages. I adore the idea of doodling on each one individually. :slight_smile:

Seriously drool-worthy!

This is sooooo cute! I bet it makes a very striking scene under your tree or wherever all the gifts are placed together. I admire your ability to decorate them all - I would certainly run out of ideas about 3 packages in!

That’s such a great idea to get the whole family involved in decorating gifts for other relatives :smile:

This is really just so pretty.

Nice! This year I left wrapping until the last minute and needed something super quick. I grabbed a roll of newsprint flyers from the porch and you know what? It ended up looking GREAT! I’ve already started saving the funny pages for next year :D.

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Really love this idea! So elegant!!!

This was brilliant!!

That looks gorgeous and very modern! Where did you find black kraft paper - I am jealous!

Even though it’s very simple, I would LOVE to recieve that. It’s cute and they’re all a bit unique, and together they look very striking.

I love the simplicity, yet the giftwrap is striking. Beautiful!

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These are so wonderful. Such a neat idea.

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A friend was throwing away (gasp) some bins of craft supplies and she had rolls of it. I snagged them so fast.

There are lots of them on Amazon, though!

I adore the look of this! All your embellishments are perfect!

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This is a great idea, and the results are stunning! I’m bookmarking this to use next year!

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