And That's a Wrap! Round-up! December 2023

A lot of crafters like to make their gifts even more special with handmade elements for presentation. Special tags and toppers, custom bags, boxes and wraps, even one-of-a-kind ways to give a gift card. Not to mention, this is also a great way to do some good ol’ R & D: recycle and de-stash! :innocent:

Twigs and Twine Stars by @madebyBeaG

Cup of Cheer - Christmas Cards and Gift Tags by @AudiobookLover

Reusable Crochet Gift Bows by @storerboughtcreation

Package Topper Ornaments by @endymion

Destashing Yarn Into Gift Bags - An Exploratory Journey by @sheepBlue

Reversible Holiday Gift Bag Tutorial by @Magpie

Reusable Gift Bag Out of Retro Fabric Panel by @endymion

Folksy Cutlery Wrapping Paper by @beholder_folklore

Christmas Gift Wrap by @sweets4ever

Pet Treat Gift Boxes by @pottermouth

Sizzix-cut Pillow Boxes for Gift Cards by @TheMistressT

Little Gift Crates by @Bugaboo

Mildly-snarky Birds Holiday notecards, or maybe gift tags by @calluna

Three Sets of Winter Gift Tags by @LovelyMiss

A Wise Crafter Made Christmas Tags From Cards… And So Did I! by @Lynx

Winter Gift Tags by @Reinikka

Remember that even your handmade things that aren’t specifically intended as gift wrap can wrap and embellish gifts! Zipper pouches, market bags, baskets, paper craft embellishments, ornaments, under papers, etcetera and so on! A gift within a gift - how generous!

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Everybody is so creative! What a neat collection of wrapping and trimmings.

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What a perfect round up for the season!! I know I’m working on my R&D this xmas! :smile:


Such fun and creative projects!

I’m lucky if I get the gift in a suitable gift bag and not one from Ace Hardware…I need to step up my game!


What a great assortment of inspiration!


I love the Round-ups, they’re a great place to get ideas and inspiration and thanks for including my cup of cheer project!

Thank you for gathering all these projects for us to enjoy, @TheMistressT!
(Just a heads up, it looks like you tagged the wrong crafter on the mildly snarky bird notecards).


Amazing Round-up, with so many beautiful ways to wrap and gift to friends and family!

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Thanks for catching that! I have remedied my error. EEP!

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And then “remedies” my typo in that last response. Sigh.

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Lol, you remedies it all just fine and it all made me smile. When I first saw the cards attributed to Catwithseventoes, I thought, ‘oh, interesting, this is not his normal fare…’. :laughing:. I probably wouldn’t have caught it, otherwise.


Fun roundup, and gives me gift-wrapping inspiration, too! I’ve got a late start on shopping and wrapping this year.

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What a fabulous inspiring assortment of ideas!

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