Christmas Throw Pillow Cover From Vintage Linens No. 1

I was able to pick up this napkin (?) for free this autumn and I knew I wanted to make a throw pillow from it.


I didn’t want it to be just a white blob in the middle, so I searched out a fun winter/xmas phrase to stitch in that spot. It’s done in split stitch


The back is from a vintage table cloth that I’ve have in my stash for ages. There’s a red zipper at the bottom - sent to me by @AIMR !


Because I didn’t want to lose the cute little scalloped edge to the seam allowance, I pressed under the seam allowance of the back piece and top stitched it to front piece and I’m surprisingly tickled with how that all worked out.


I’m hoping to finish another holiday pillow cover in the next couple of days. YEY!


Nice way to save that ruffled edge!

Like how you made it special with the saying on front. New life for old things…beautifully festive!

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I love it! The scalloped edge is definitely worth the extra work, nice choice! and the words stitched in the center look beautiful. Really lovely script there.
So, is this part of your ongoing switch-up-able pillow cover collection? You mention the zipper so I assume so. I totally mean to steal that idea from you- fold flat to put away seasonally makes so much sense!


Thank you, friends!

I was lucky that the script was already in my very old version of Photoshop to use! It’s called Gigi and is more jaggedy in “print” format, but doing a single stitched line whimsied it up a bit.

Yes it is! I’ve got a little wacky selection on the sofa right now and most of them are using inserts from the everyday throw pillows that live there. When I get my No. 2 finished, I’ll try to get a group shot. So festive!


Such a neat pillow! I especially like that you kept the edge and the lovely lettering.

Great use of the vintage linens, you know I love those projects! Can’t wait for more!

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Love what you did with it! And the tablecloth is a perfect backing. Great job saving the adorable little scallop.

It’s like that napkin was made to become this project one day. Perfect!

Thanks, so much y’all!

The trick for the edges turned out great. Love the phrase and your lettering is so neat!

when you do that group photo shoot, I’d like a better look at the Krampus pillow!

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Thanks, pals!

@steiconi OK! The end of the post for the new one has closer pics of all the pillows on the couch including that Krampus beauty!

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I LOVE both your pillows! I can’t resist vintage hankies, and what a cute use for them! And doing a lapped seam to save the decorative edge is brilliant!

Thank you so much! And thanks for giving me the name of that seam. :grinning: