Christmas Throw Pillow Cover from Vintage Linens No. 2


I’ve had this embroidered hankie and the crochet lace cut from a pillowcase in my stash for… well, decades. They’re both family pieces - I believe the lace was either made my one of my maternal grandmother’s aunties or by my maternal grandfather’s stepmother. It was originally on a pillowcase and rescued by cutting the worn case a couple inches from the edge of the lace.


The ric rac is also old (15 cents!). I decided to add it for the color, but it also covers a little dark storage stain on the fabric of the original pillowcase.


The base and the back are contemporary linen that’s been in my stash for a couple years. The buttons from the 4-generation button tin.

I’m super tickled with how square it came out - none of those bothersome “ears” on the corners, but I do wish it was just a smidgen bigger to fit the insert a little less snugly - this is an issue I have. However, I did remember to make the button holes perpendicular to the placket on this one which helps keep that whole thing from pulling and becoming mishappen.

This is the wacky collection of holiday pillows on my sofa so far!


Four are handmade (by me) and 3 are store bought.


Handmade, store bought at least 20 years ago, handmade.


Handmade, store bought (a gift from a friend)


Handmade, store bought this year at a discount store - while I do like it, I mostly decided to drop the $12.99 because it has a feather insert. Can’t get just the insert for that price!

Apologies for the blownout photos, the sun is low in the sky these days and bouncing off all the snow.


So festive! I love your amazing collection!

Thank you!

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Gorgeous!! And your collection is fab!

Oooh, I love the embroidered hankie and the pillow you designed around it. The whole collection is pretty awesome!

The salvaged bits are fun! I love how your stash just seems to have the perfect stuff.

Love all your pillows!

Thanks, everyone! It’s been so satisfying to put to use the things that have been tucked away in totes for years!

It’s a lovely addition to your awesome pillow collection! The embroidery on that handkerchief is beautiful.

Thank you! I should have mentioned in my original post that the hankie appears to be machine embroidered. Still pretty, of course, but not as impressive in this case. :upside_down_face:

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