Christmas tree ornaments

These are all several years old, the oldest maybe 10 years but I don’t think I’ve showed them before.

Back of these 3:

Back of these 3:

And 3 animal themed ones, I think these were all free kits that came with a CrossStitcher magazine



Lovely collection of cross stitched oranaments.
Really like the heart shaped ones!

Your tree must be incredible…to see all of that lovely red and white scattered throughout…lovely to pass on as well…I love handmade ornaments.

They are are so wonderfully cute and put such a smile on my face to see. Handmade ornaments are the best.

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These are wonderful. For the stuffed ones, did you use regular cross stitch canvas or something different?

Handmade ornaments are the best!

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So sweet. Cross stitch is amazing, delicate and nostalgic.

They are very sweet!

They are all on aida or evenweave and then sewn into little pillows filled with the type of cheap synthetic stuffing that comes in large bags.


These are really sweet :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Very sweet ornaments

Agree these are very sweet! Can’t do cross stitch to save my life… my eyes start crossing instead of the stitches. :joy: Your stitch work is perfect!

They are all really pretty cross stitches :smiley: I always love animals so those are of course my favourite. Great job, even if they are 10 years old

So pretty and it is fun to use your handmade ornaments with Christmas!

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