Featured Projects: Hearts!

Valentines is coming up and with that in mind I’ve rounded up the projects here on the Fiber/Textile board that feature hearts. Which ones are your favorite?
(Click on the picture to be taken to its project post.)

Elephant 2.0 by CraftADDchick

Heart Strings . . . a themed wall quilt by Homerof2

Valentine Embroidery Hoops by kittykill

Scrappy Hearts Mini Quilts by marionberries

Crocheted Falling Hearts Scarf by wendiek

With Only a Needle and String Cross Stitch by kittykill

Super Duper Cute Sloth by storerboughtcreation

Stitchcraft anatomy projects by Rootcraft

Sweetheart wool blanket by CraftyDiem

Christmas tree ornaments by Immaculata


Thanks for featuring me! Man! I love all of the projects! They are so fab!

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Haha I love them all and was surprised to see a project of mine, it didn’t occur to me that there are hearts all over :joy:

So many projects already with hearts!! Love it! I apparently missed a few so thanks, I will visit those posts!

Thanks for featuring this! :orange_heart:


How totally awesome that there is such a big collection of one single theme already! And everything is gorgeous too :heart:.

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I love this theme! How awesome all of this heart shaped crafty goodness in one place!

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Love all the inspiration with Valentine’s just around the corner :heart::heart::heart:

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This is such a wonderful roundup. Thank you for sharing it!

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Wow! So many fantastic projects that I haven’t seen, yet. How could I miss so many? Thanks for gathering them all together!

Thanks for featuring mine among all the other wonderful heart projects.