Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2021 GALLERY

I received from @goatgoddesss and @artsycandice theater day and forgot to post. I’m sorry! I LOOOVE these houses!

I really enjoy the pumpkin head snarky lady and all the hand-drawn pictures!


:rofl: :grin: :joy: :laughing:

Mine from @artsycandice— I love how they all have such different personalities.


how cool on the watercolors - frank and the candy corn dude, the witches hat and cat - very cool all of it.

RagingSloth - glad you like your pumpkin lady :slight_smile:

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Here is my house from MissingWillow

She chose my “Dinner with Drac” theme and created this fun invitation (regrets not accepted). The coffin is… painted wood maybe? Here’s a pic so you can see its dimension.

You can also see how the blood splatter stickers, hey it could always be strawberry jelly, right?.. have a subtle dimension to them as well.
And on the back

Dracula’s castle! Is this scrapbooking paper??

I love my chunky! Sorry it’s taken so long to put up the picture.


Oh and is the moon a cutout you found somewhere? Or did you print it?

So glad you like it! That was a fun one to do. The paper I used is from DCWV Dark Fairytale. It has a great red/black/gray fairytale/vampire theme to it. The coffin cutout is laser cut chipboard and the moon is a photo I took on vacation a few years ago that I printed off and cut out.

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Man, you must have a real nice printer. Oh, chipboard! It was so clean and light I thought it was balsa wood.

I received from @goatgoddesss my first ever chunky house! It’s perfect. Witches are always a win in my book. Thank you!


I love the new chunky houses. So spooky and run.

Here’s my house from goatgoddess. She went with my “Walking with a Ghost” theme. It’s real spooky!

Look how far this comes out! And those creepy skelly hands…

Okay, how’d ya do it? Did you use a special glue? A starch? To get cloth to lay just so?

Thank you for my chonk house!


Here is my chunky house from artsycandice. She also went with my Dinner with Drac theme, as you can see from the Dracula with the fork and fancy candelabra.

Since you can’t see all the windows open in this pic, I took two more :slight_smile:

Did you watercolor, then ink? That purple sparkly background is awesome and I like how the windows open and close.

Thank you, artsycandice!


got my house from Raging Sloth - so very cool - front and back :slight_smile: love it with the witch on the front.


Irid3sc3nt - just used E6000 and glossy Accents and got lucky

artsycandice - so glad you like your house :slight_smile:

Last house :cry:

This is from RagingSloth. She chose my “Walking with a Ghost” theme. It’s funny, two chose this theme, two chose dinner with Drac theme.

I love the bright colored leg stripeys and shoes!

From this angle you can see the wooden ghost.

And here is the back… I wanted to show the beautiful paper. Is it handmade? The whole house seems like it’s been covered with a layer of mod podge. It’s all slick and shiny. Am I correct?

Thank you, Rae!


You also had “zombie queen” (she answered the door) and “zombie graveyard party” listed. :laughing:

love the the walking ghost - too cute.

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Yes! Zombie graveyard party and zombie queen! Both good songs, too.

Aww thanks! I did make the paper! It has an old battered Goosebumps book pages (and another book) as the base. The type shows here and there in the paper but not everywhere. I ended up doing thicker paint in the end. Coincidentally, while I was making these, my partner and I were watching the R. L. Stine movie series “Fear Street” on Netflix and I realized the goosebumps book was ALSO “Fear Street” :scream_cat:
Oh and yes I covered everything with modge podge. I feel like with stickers it’s needed. I wrapped the houses in paper since I was scared it might stick or something which can sometimes happen.

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